Multi-functional Yoghourt Acidophilus Milk Maker

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    Multi-functional Yoghourt Acidophilus Milk Maker

    This Yoghourt Maker is designed to make healthy, natural and delicious yogurts, with special function of maintaining yogurts’ ideal temperature for better quality.  By using this product, it can help to reduce your spending on products like yogurts, yogurt cheeses and cultured milk from grocery stores.  Featured with microcomputer chip, NTC thermistor probes and precise temperature control curve, there is no need to guess how others are making their yogurts, instead, you can utilize this great product to make yogurts on your own by following the simple instructions below.   

    There are three steps to brew yogurt:
    Step1: 1L milk +1g of lactobacillus powder and then mix thoroughly
    Step2: Close the covers of inner container and outer box
    Step3: Switch on the power and select yogurt function, after 8-10 hours, yogurt is done and ready.

    You can use fruits, jams, milk, and other flavorings of your choice for home-made yogurts.  You will have all natural yogurts in 8-10 hours.   
    Other than yogurt, this machine can also cook rice wine, which is often used in Chinese dishes to add flavors for better tasting.  This Yoghourt Maker has one year warranty.

    Yogurt and rice wine maker
    Easy operation
    Energy saving
    With transparent cover to make the process clear

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Color: Pink
    Capacity: 1L
    Power: 15W
    Voltage: 220-240v
    Frequency: 50Hz
    Package Size: 21.8x16.1x21.4cm
    Function: Yoghourt maker
    Features: Microcomputer chip + NTC thermistor probes, precise temperature control curve
    Humanization: A transparent cover and container lid, making the process clear
    Energy saving: The PTC thermostat heater element, automatically adjust the power, the highest power is 15W.

    Ankaka Wholesale Ref.: euriq543q46

    Package list:
    1 x Fresh Yoghourt Acidophilus Milk Maker Machine
    1 x English User Manual


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