Multifunctional R/C Alarm Clock & Motion Detection Spy DVR w/ High Resolution & Long Recording Time - White

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    Multifunctional R/C Alarm Clock & Motion Detection Spy DVR w/ High Resolution & Long Recording Time - White


    This is the very latest in DVR design with a long recording time (24 hours) and a very wide recording angle.

    The DVR looks like a clock radio and has all the functions you would expect of such a piece of apparatus – it has a time display, an alarm clock feature, calendar and temperature displays and it plays music.

    However, the outward appearance is deceptive as it is also a spying camcorder which records sound and movement in your home without anyone being aware of it! You could use the recorded video as evidence should you need in court or for personal use.  The DVR records both sound and movement  and functions if either is detected in the wide viewing angle of the detector.  It will record video for up to 24 hours and will maintain surveillance of your house for a full week.  The sensor works across an angle of 140 degrees so it able to capture video across the whole room.  There is a micro SD card slot in the body of the recorder and it supports cards up to 32GB capacity – many hours of recording which you can then review on your computer.  There is a remote control with which you can setup the DVR to monitor your house.

    This DVR offers a well concealed camera for the protection of your house.  The recording time and the large memory possibilities mean you get excellent service from this machine.

    1. Ultra-long recording time, 24 hours of continuous recording
    2. Ultra-wide recording angle - 140° degree
    3. Motion detection, voice recording
    4. Hidden camera w/ clock appearance
    5. Supports memory storage expansion up to 32GB
    6. Timekeeping, alarm clock, calendar, temperature display

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Pixels: 5.0 Mega CMOS
    Video Resolution: 1280*960
    View Angle: 140°
    Recording Time: More than 24 hours
    Remote Control Distance: 18m
    Recording Audio Area: 40㎡
    Motion Detection Distance: Direct 6 meters
    Memory: TF Card
    Max: 32GB
    Data Transfer Interface: USB1.1/2.0
    Power Consumption: 150MA/3.7V
    Low Illumination: 1LUX
    Battery Capacity: 4800MA
    Software: Media player/KMplayer
    Operation System: 2000/XP/Visat32
    Memory Consumption: 1GB/40min
    Charge Time: About 8 hours
    Video Form: AVI
    FPS: 30fps
    Store Temperature: -20-80℃
    Operation Temperature:  -10-60℃
    Operation Humidity: 15-85%RH

    Package List:
    1 X Multifunctional R/C Alarm Clock & Motion Detection Spy DVR w/ High Resolution & Long Recording Time - White
    1 X power supply
    1 X USB date cable
    1 X Remote Control
    2 X Battery
    1 X CD
    1 X English Instruction


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    Can I leave it plugged in all day and keep recording? [ANKAKA REPLIED]You can leave it plugged in all day and keep recording, but please kindly notice that the momery storage may not be enough and this would affect the battery life.

    2012-10-18 14:27:31 Mike

    Send invoice for one piece.[ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email and include your inquiry.

    2012-08-20 09:03:31 Saizi