Mini Wireless Camera with Receiver NTSC (USA Edition)

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    Mini Wireless Camera with Receiver (USA) - Miniature Wireless Surveillance Camera
    Mini Wireless Camera with Receiver (USA). This wireless surveillance combo is perfect for keeping your eyes and ears on your home or small business.Looking for an inconspicuous and economical way to watch over your room or small business? Look no further! This's Mini Wireless Camera with Receiver (USA) is simple, affordable, and tiny! Hide it in the corner of a room and watch the action from a distance. Conceal it in your store and catch unsuspecting thieves in the act. Put it in your garage and see who's checking out your car. With a small, easy-to-install camera, a wireless receiver that can be placed 20 meters away, and the ability to link to a TV monitor, the uses of this Mini Wireless Camera are limited only by your imagination.The camera requires only a power source and can be screwed or clipped on walls, floors, or ceilings. The wireless receiver can be positioned at a distance of up to 20 meters from the cameras and can connect to a TV through AV Out so you can monitor your cameras on a large screen.Tonight, rest easy with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have secured your home or small business without endangering your wallet. Tell your friends you got a great deal on your Mini Wireless Camera with Receiver (USA) from the leader in high-quality, low- price electronics: Ankaka.


    • Miniature Wireless Surveillance Camera
    • Receiver can pick up signal 20 meters away
    • Use AV out to watch the action on a large screen

    China Manufacturer Specifications

    Camera Specifications

    • Image Device: 1/3 CMOS
    • TV system: NTSC
    • Horizontal Definition: 380 Lines
    • Effective Pixel: 510 x 492
    • Image Area: 4.69 x 3.45mm
    • Angular Field of View: 45 Deg
    • Minimum Illumination: 3 LUX
    • Synchronization System: Internal
    • Backlight Compensation: Auto
    • White Balance: Auto
    • Transmission Frequency: 0.9/1.2Ghz
    • Locked Frequencies
    • Transmission Signal: Video
    • Current: 300mA
    • Transmission Range: 10 ~ 20m
    • Power Source: DC 9V or 9V Battery

    Receiver Specifications

    • Receiving Frequency: 1.2Ghz
    • Intermediate Frequency: 480Mhz
    • Frequency Stabilization: +/-100Khz
    • Demodulation Mode: FM
    • Antenna: 50ohm SMA
    • Video OUT
    • Power Source: DC 9V
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: Wholesale 4P5QPJFQ7MRP

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Supports the NTSC color system used in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other places in North and South America

    Package List

    • 1x Camera
    • 1x Receiver
    • x1 Video Cable
    • x1 Antenna
    • x2 Power Supply (100-240V 50/60hz)
    • x1 9v battery adapter for camera (optional use)
    • Manual - English

    • Manufacturer and Origin: China
    • Updated by: B.H.

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