Mini Portable Notebook Cooler with Clip On Air Extracting Fan

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    Mini Notebook Cooler - Clip On Air Extracting Fan

    Mini portable notebook/ laptop cooler, with a unique clip on design and an air extracting fan for pulling the hot air out of your laptop and expanding its life span. Large load bearing laptop coolers are a very nice accessory for any owner of a portable notebook, but people pressed for space when they travel will find this a God sent mini notebook accessory. Easily fitting any laptop with the normal straight or 45 deg tilted design, this small hot air extractor is powered directly via the USB.

    Rather than spending thousands for a new laptop computer because it overheated, buy this super low wholesale priced mini notepad cooling system.

    Manufacturer Specification

    • Fans: x1 Air Extracting Fan
    • Power Source: Direct From USB Port
    • Construction: Plastic
    • Connection: All Notebook PCs with Straight or 45 deg Tilt Air Exits
    • Dimensions: Cool Pad 80x59x23mm (L x W x D); Connection Clip 40~43mm
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEQPBBECQE2JSK

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Fastening Knob
    • Expanding USB Cable
    • Plug and Play
    • LED Blue Light

    Package List for AASQ - F102

    • Computer Cooling Fan
    • Retail Box


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    Hi there!I want to inquire about the Ainol Novo 7 Elf Tablet PC .there seem to be mlitlpue adverts on Ebay having different specs of the device.can you please make it clear:1. battery life how long if using Wifi One Off with standard use?,2. with bluetooth?3. with full Google Marketplace?4. no SD card support? why?5. how many speakers?6. how to transfer files?7. support full multitouch, pinch to zoom?8. has accelerometer?9. warranty?10. update firmware over the air or over wifi?Thanks. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please refer to the specifications on the site below for reference: You can connect this tablet to your PC via the usb cable attached to transfer files. All of our products cover 12 months warranty.

    2012-05-28 07:54:21 Alejo

    Thank you Ankaka! The shipping was fast, and the Fan is beautiful! It works great on my Alienware notebook.

    2010-07-13 02:47:17 Laurent