Mini Laser Stage Projector (Portable, Sound Activate, Stroboflash)

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    Mini Laser Effects Projector with Sound Activation and Stroboflash


    • Mini Laser Effects Projector (Red and Green)
    • Automatic or sound activated
    • Stroboflash control
    • Mounting bracket with adjustable angle
    • Super small and portable size

    New Mini Laser Effects Projector. Featuring two unique functions (sound activation and stroboflash), this laser effects projector proves that small size and low price can still provide great fun.

    Instant fun: Nothing is easier to use and faster to set up when you instantly want an amazing light show to dazzle guests or set the mood. With various amazing red/green laser designs and patterns, this Mini Laser Effects Projector is perfect for discos, clubs, KTVs, pubs, bars, and even home parties. In automatic mode, users can just sit back and watch the show, but...

    Move with the music: With its sound activation feature, this Portable Laser Effects Projector can intelligently change its color/pattern to match the beat of the music! How? Just set your stereo system nearby and the projector's mic will pick up nearby music vibrations, so if you turn up the noise th


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