Mini Handheld Home SPA Massager - Hair Removal & Dry Skin Exfoliator

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    Mini Handheld Home SPA Massager - Hair Removal & Dry Skin Exfoliator


    Why go to the Health Spa for treatment when you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home?  Our SPA massager is so easy to use and cleans the dead skin and unnecessary hair from your body quickly and easily.  You don’t need to go through that painful experience of pulling the hairs out ever again!

    The SPA massager rotates at a speed of 550 times per minute – this speeds up the whole massage process and removes hair swiftly and effectively.  If you compare this with painful waxing treatments or costly lasers you can see the benefits the SPA method is completely pain free and more effective. And you can use it yourself with no need to go out of the home bathroom.

    As well as the hair removal and exfoliation, the Mini Handheld Home SPA Massager comes with a further range of accessories for smoothing the skin on your feet, macro and micro body massages, buffering up your body, other body hair removal (face and bikini line) and for deeper cleansing. The Mini Handheld Home SPA Massager is there to help with all of your body – it is a total solution to all your body needs.

    The Mini Handheld Home SPA Massager is used by professionals and home users alike and is excellent, quality equipment.  While it saves you all the expense and bother of visiting the Beauty Clinic it is easy and effective to use at home.

    1. Doing SPA at home
    2. Remove the unwanted hair and exfoliate dry skin without pain
    3. Comes with 8 massage accessories
    4. Low price compared with waxing treatments and laser treatments
    5. Whole body massager, from head to toe
    6. Rotates at 550 times per minute

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Material: ABS
    Turn Speed: 550 rounds per minute
    Dimensions of Package: 24.5cm*18cm*9.5cm

    Package List:
    1 X Mini Handheld Home SPA Massager - Hair Removal & Dry Skin Exfoliator
    1 X Foot smoother
    1 X Pumice stone
    1 X Macro massage module
    1 X Micro massage module
    1 X Body buffer
    1 X Facial and bikini line hair removal
    1 X Deep cleanser brush


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