Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad,Smartphones,PS3, computers/laptops

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    Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad,Smartphones,PS3, computers/laptops

    This useful Mini Bluetooth Keyboard turns typing and texting on your mobile phone into a whole new experience.

        * Mini Bluetooth Keyboard - The perfect companion to your mobile phone
        * Ideal for writing emails, texting, or gaming
        * Compatible with: Nokia Symbian, Windows Mobile OS
        * Also works with iPad, PS3, computers/laptops
        * 49 responsive, accurate keys
        * Pocket sized, sleek, slim design

    Mini Bluetooth Keyboard - the perfect companion for your iPad,Smartphones,PS3, computers/laptops that makes typing, chatting, and gaming easier than ever.

    With its Bluetooth 2.0 compatibility, this Mini Bluetooth Keyboard works with most smartphone operating systems, including Nokia Symbian (S60+) and Windows Mobile (5.0+). Setup is quick and easy and in mere seconds your smartphone will be equipped with the ideal tool for texting, writing emails, chatting, web browsing, and even gaming. For those who need more options, this Mini Bluetooth Keyboard even works with an iPad, PS3, and Bluetooth-enabled laptop/personal computer!

    Use this Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with your iPad, computer or smartphone to enjoy responsive keys, featherlight typing, portability, and Bluetooth functionality everywhere you go. The sleek and slim design fits comfortably in your hand and allows for easy typing with its 49 keys, including a full QWERTY keyboard and complete with a space bar and number keys. This Mini Bluetooth Keyboard even includes a FN (function) key used for accessing arrow keys, right click, and a home button, making web browsing on your phone easier than ever.


        * Primary Function: Mini Bluetooth Keyboard
        * Chipset: Broadcom 2042 Chipset
        * Systems Supported:
          - Supported Smart Mobile System:
          1. Nokia Symbian S60 V3 and above
          2. Windows Mobile 6.0 and above
          - Supports all PC and Mac operating systems
          - Supports Sony PS3
          - Supports iPad
        * Frequency band: 2.4 - 2.4835GHz unlicensed ISM band
        * Receiving sensitivity: -75dbm (standard)
        * RF output power: 4dbm maximum
        * Operating Distance: 0 - 10 m
        * Bluetooth Version: 2.0
        * Keyboard Format: 49 keys, QWERTY layout
        * Battery: Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
        * Power: Charges by USB
        * Dimensions: 115 x 60 x 6 mm

    Notes from Manufacturers

        * Pocket sized, sleek & slim design
        * Ideal for typing emails and chatting, and gaming
        * Convenient pocket size gadget
        * 49 key QWERTY keyboard layout

    Package List
        * Mini Bluetooth Keyboard
        * Mini USB Cable
        * Software CD
        * User Manual
        * Shortcut Guide

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

        * Can you provide a different, or even custom, keypad format?
          Not at the moment, but for those planning on making bulk orders, please contact our customer support team.
        * Will this Mini Bluetooth Keyboard work with my _____ phone?
          Check the "Systems Supported" section under Manufacturer Specifications!



        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    My android phone is asking for a PIN to pair with the keyboard. I have tried 1234 and 0000. no luck. Can you tell me what the PIN is (DroidX3) [ANKAKA REPLIED]The PIN code is randomly set. Pls refer to the instruction in the disc attached to operate the keyboard.

    2012-01-05 18:53:39 MikeE

    in the images it shows it's compatible with android 1.6+... according to "Notes from Ankaka Customer Service" you state that it wont work with android. which is correct? I have an EVO 3D from Sprint. Thanx! [ANKAKA REPLIED]This mini keyboard doesn't comply with android phones.

    2011-09-29 16:33:12 steven smith

    how much does it weigh? [ANKAKA REPLIED]0.27kg

    2011-08-27 22:49:02 Bonnie

    Hi, could you please write me how can I switch on russian letters on my bluetooth mini keyboard? Thanks! [ANKAKA REPLIED]It just has english letters on it.

    2011-08-15 05:42:15 Roman Chernykh

    Will this keyboard work with Blackberry Playbook from RIM? This tablet runs under QNX-based OS. Thanks! [ANKAKA REPLIED]This mini keyboard doesn't comply with Blackberry tablets and cell phones.

    2011-06-14 19:24:19 Omar

    Will this work on an HTC evo 4G or and Ipad 2? i have this produst already and can't pair to my HTC evo 4g says wrong pin and then wont connect [ANKAKA REPLIED]This Mini Bluetooth can't work with android OS phones.

    2011-05-13 23:25:43 Eric

    Can do Russian letters? [ANKAKA REPLIED] It just has english letters on. Tks!

    2011-03-01 23:53:23 Gregory

    Will this work with the Blackberry Storm 2 [ANKAKA REPLIED:] No.

    2011-01-27 23:37:09 Andrew

    This is an amazing keyboard for an Ipad. The unit appears to be sturdy, with a good feel to the keys.

    2010-12-30 02:04:55 Chandler

    Could I buy this Keyboard with a QWERTZ layout and not with a QWERTY layout? MfG Rumpel [ANKAKA REPLIED]Thank you for your inquiry. We currently only have QWERTY layout.

    2010-08-24 01:44:02 Rumpel