Mebook - 7" High Resolution Screen eBook Reader + Multimedia-4GB

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    Mebook - 7 Inch High Resolution eBook Reader + Super Media Player-4GB



    • DAT, VOB, FLV, 3GP, RM, RMVB, MP4, AVI, and MKV video formats
    • MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC, APE, AMC, AMV, and FLAC audio formats
    • TXT, FB2, PDF, and EPUB ebook formats
    • Internal 2GB memory
    • 7 inch high resolution screen
    • Anti-glare screen for maximum reading comfort

    A powerful ebook reader that reads all the most popular ebook formats. Just like The Amazon Kindle. A super media player that plays the Internet's most widely downloaded audio and video formats. Just like The iPod Touch. Brought together in a stylish body that's simply attractive and attractively simple to use. Introducing The Mebook 7 Inch High Resolution eBook Reader + Super Media Player - prepare to be amazed!

    Like a Kindle: The first thing you'll notice when you pick up The Mebook is that it feels really natural to hold. So comfortable...perfect when you're on a long flight, perfect when you're in bed, perfect at lunch...The Mebook in one hand and a roast beef and swiss on dark rye with a smidgen of mustard in the other hand. Ahhh happiness! In fact The Mebook will soon be your new best friend what with its ability to flawlessly play TXT, FB2, PDF, and EPUB ebook format files which means you'll never be at a loss for something interesting to read. In fact, look at the FAQ's below for some suggestions on where to find interesting reading gems.

    Like an iPod Touch: But life would be boring indeed if entertainment consisted of text alone. The Mebook has you covered there with its over the top ability to play the best audio and video formats including MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC, APE, AMC, AMV, and FLAC (yes that's right, this monster plays FLAC files!) as well as DAT, VOB, FLV, 3GP, RM, RMVB, MP4, AVI, and MKV (yes that's right, this monster plays MKV files!) And it does so in 720p video glory!). Even the iPod Touch...can't Touch this!

    But so much better than both... Such rewarding functionality packaged in a slim body that is light and sturdy with a 7 inch high definition screen along with 2GB of internal memory and a TF microSD card slot for further memory expansion along with a heavy duty 1800 mAh battery all leads to one simple conclusion - The Mebook is sure to be your favorite electronic gadget for many years to come! Brought to you by the leader in cutting edge electronics - Ankaka.


    • Main Function: 7 inch high resolution eBook reader and super media player
    • CPU: Rockchip RK2729
    • Operating System: Embedded Linux OS
    • Display Resolution: 800 x 480
    • Display Size: 7 inch
    • Display Type: Color
    • Screen Type: LCD, Anti - glare, high resolution
    • Internal Memory: 4GB
    • External memory: uses microSD card slot, maximum 16 GB
    • Media Formats Supported
      - E - book: TXT, FB2, PDF, EPUB
      - Audio: MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC, APE, AMC, AMV, FLAC
      - Video: MPEG 1/2, DAT, VOB, FLV, 3GP, RM, RMVB, AVI (DIVX 3 or 5, XVID, MPEG - 4 codecs), MKV
      - Photo: JPG, BMP, GIF
    • Menu Languages: English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Czech, Danish, Japanese, Swedish, Korean, Greek, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Arabic
    • Power Source: Power Adapter, USB Cable, or Internal Battery
    • Battery Info
      Battery Type: Built - in Lithium Ion
      Battery Capacity: 1800 mAh
      Battery Life: up to 15 hours of continuous reading (less for audio and video)
      Charging Time: up to 6 hours
      Standby Time: up to 10 days
    • Input/Output/Connectivity
      - TF MicroSD card slot
      - 3.5 mm earphone jack
      - USB port
      - Power
    • Buttons:
      - ON/OFF
      - Numerical keypad with Function Keys
      - Menu / Navigation Dial
      - 4 Directional Page Turning Keys
    • FM Radio: YES
    • Clock and Calendar: YES
    • Voice Recorder: YES (saves to WAV format)
    • Dimensions : L:149 x W:104 x D:11 (mm)
    • Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS

    Package List

    • Mebook eBook Reader + media player
    • Mini - USB Cable
    • Power Adapter
    • 3.5mm Earphones
    • User Manual - English

    FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where can I get free e - Books from?
      For free e - Books, copy & paste the following link into a new URL address bar on your PC. [ - to - get - completely - free - ebooks - we - review - 7 - free - ebook - sites/].

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      - 12 month warranty
      - In - house QC
      - Award - winning customer support
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        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    can i get a spare battery for this so i have a battery for backup? [ANKAKA REPLIE]Please email for quote.

    2012-04-30 08:37:18 Bert

    You answered my question by saying: "We confirm that it can play music or video via earphones." But is the sound in the earphones STEREO or MONO?[ANKAKA REPLIED] The sound is MONO.

    2012-04-30 08:32:00 Jon

    Please tell me if this plays STEREO music or video through the earphones? [ANKAKA REPLIED]We confirm that it can play music or video via earphones.

    2012-04-26 15:49:02 Jon

    well i bought mebook and the instruction manuel is in chinese i dont understand anything for how to use mebook cant anybody tell me where to find on the internet a manuel in french or english please thank you [ANKAKA REPLIED]The english manual has been pre-installed in this ebook already.

    2011-12-30 21:11:28 Nathalie

    Is it possible to install additional TTS voice for reading? I have a voice in the Czech pbi format. [ANKAKA REPLIED]NO.

    2011-12-10 19:05:13 Fokt - CZ6203290852

    it seems good. can I use an IPOD docking station to dock this? Thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]It can't work with an IPOD docking station.

    2011-09-27 05:31:44 Luke

    Yup, that'll do it. You have my appreciation.

    2011-08-22 00:41:40 Vinnie

    Great gadget. Bought in Singapore for 140 Singapore dollars (at SimLim square, 4th floor) maybe cheaper if you can find one somewhere else. - the only alternative I found in Sim Lin was Kindle at some 250Spore$ minimum. Problem is the instruction booklet. I need one in english! Maybe Anaka can send me some instructions...... Good on movies, music, pictures, html docs (web pages) and of course v. good on pdf. has 7 different screen layouts or colours to choose from.I I will repost here when I have used it for some time and can give accurate info. It is satisfactory on ebooks, quite good, but:- PLEASE - ANYONE GOT AN INSTRUCTION BOOK IN ENGLISH???? It would be good to know how to search for words within the documents. and to use the abc keypad for something - but I cannot work out for what purpose it is or how to use the keyboard. Ankaka please reply [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email and include your order number for instruction.

    2011-08-20 00:08:22 chris adair

    Better than kindle, can read easily in sun light and also watch movies haven't tried to add music yet so can't comment on this, battery life good lasts up to12 hours if just reading, on the downside instructions are poor and difficult to follow but once you work things out it is easy to use.For the price it is fantastic.

    2011-08-18 17:12:34 Innes