Magnetic Sleep/Wake-Up Leather Cover for the iPad 2

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    Magnetic Sleep/Wake-Up Leather Cover for the iPad 2

    This ultra-thin leather cover is designed specifically for the iPad 2. With this magnetic smart cover, your iPad will have an automatic stand-by function. When you cover the tablet, the iPad 2 will automatically enter sleep mode. When the cover is opened again, the tablet will turn back on. One part of the cover is foldable and can be used as a handy stand for reading, watching, and typing, propping up the iPad 2 for easy access. Just fold it back to tilt your iPad 2 into a suitable position, and you can have the best possible angle, whether it's for writing or watching movies. The case is made from high quality PU leather and its microfiber lining keeps your iPad screen clean.

    This cover also comes with a back cover, offering the iPad's aluminum back maximum protection from scratches. Although the tablet can be completely covered by the case, all ports on the tablets are still accessible, including the camera. You can fully enjoy your beloved iPad with no worries.

    This incredible gadget is offered by Ankaka. You will definitely get your money's worth from this product.

    Made of high quality PU leather.
    Thin, minimal design.
    Foldable design case. Can prop up iPad to suitable position.
    Open the Smart Cover and the iPad powers up.
    Close the cover, and the iPad enters sleep mode.
    Offers all-around protection for the iPad 2.

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Color: Black
    Material: high quality PU leather
    With stand-by function
    Ultra-slim smart cover case, not only protects, but also wakes up, stands up, and brightens up your iPad 2
    Open the smart cover, the iPad 2 magically wakes up
    Close it, the iPad 2 automatically goes to sleep
    Microfiber lining keeps your iPad 2 screen clean
    With handy stand for reading, watching, and typing
    Designed specifically for iPad 2
    Fits well with all connectivity jacks and front and back cameras
    An aluminum hinge magnetically aligns the Smart Cover with iPad for a perfect fit. While magnets inside help it stay put.
    The Smart Cover does double duty as a keyboard stand. Fold it back to tilt iPad into a comfortable writing position

    Package list:
    1 x Magnetic Sleep/Wake-Up Leather Cover for the iPad 2


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