Magic Angel Solar Powered Night Light Jar/ Decoration

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    Magic Angel Solar Powered Night Light Jar / Decoration 

    Whether you are decorating the family room or looking for a safe and environmentally friendly Night Light for your little one, the Magic Angel Solar Powered Night Light / Decoration is for you!

    You may be asking, how can a Solar Powered device be used at night? Doesn't it need the sun? You are, of course correct, however, the Magic Angel is different. During the daytime it uses solar panels built into top of the lid to store the suns energy throughout the day and then uses it at night to provide gentle light for hours. Not only is it a beautiful addition to any room, but since you never need to plug it in, the power source is free!

    Ever had a romantic candle light dinner for 2, only to find impossible to clean wax drippings on your lovely lace table cloth? Is your child still scared of the dark but you are nervous about putting electrical devices near his or her bed? Are you looking for an interesting conversation starter for your next night-time get together? Are you concerned about Mother Earth and want to try to live as "Green" as possible? Then the Magic Angel Solar Powered Night Light / Decoration is for you!

    Simply place this attractive glass jar in a window sill or outdoors where it can absorb the endless power of the sun all day, then when the lights go down it will spring to life! No power switches, cords, cables or wires required! And not only that! The small Angel inside, resting in luxurious looking clouds will win the hearts of children and adults alike. Cast off the darkness of night in an Earth friendly and beautiful way; order your Magic Angel Solar Powered Night Light / Decoration Today!

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Color - Clear glass jar with silver lid - White cotton clouds inside
    • Power Source: Rechargeable battery - Solar Panel
    • Dimensions: 14.5cm tall - 8.5cm wide
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleMA54JJK59D2

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • On/Off switch concealed in cloud on lid when light not needed
    • Angel shipped in separate box to prevent damage
    • Running time dependant on amount of time charging and intensity of light while charging
    • Low heat design to prevent overheating and injury
    • Batteries and power cords never required

    Package List

    • Magic Angel Solar Powered Night Light / Decoration Jar and lid
    • Separate box containing small Angel figurine

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • I do not need the Night Light all the time, how can I turn it off?
      No Problem, simply un-screw the lid of the jar and you will find a small on/off switch hidden away in the cotton "cloud" material. Gentle press the button and the light will not turn on, even in the dark.
    • If this Night Light safe for younger children?
      Whereas the night light is not connected to external power and does not get very hot, the jar is made of glass so it is best kept out of reach of curious young fingers.
    • How long will the light remain on between charges?
      A great question! A lot is dependant on HOW it is charged. A Solar Battery will last much longer if charged in FULL and DIRECT sunlight throughout the day. Placing the jar on a table outdoors or in a very sunny window sill will provide you with the longest possible illumination.
    • Can the light be used for camping and other outdoor activities?
      Of course! But please keep in mind, the Angel figurine is beautiful and somewhat delicate and the jar is made of glass. You "could" use this light anywhere, but please treat it gently. It is best suited for a sturdy table or bookshelf where it will not be jostled and bumped.


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