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Luxury Anti-Ultraviolet Car Curtain Car Sunshade - Black

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    Luxury Anti-Ultraviolet Car Curtain Car Sunshade - Black

    This Luxury Anti-Ultraviolet Car Curtain Car Sunshade is designed to exclude the harmful rays of the sun from the interior of your car and keep your car cool in even the hottest of weather conditions.  Made from polyester, this car sunshade filters out the harmful ultraviolet light of the sun and limits the amount of sunlight that enters your car.  This saves energy, as it lowers the need for air conditioning, but it also means the interior of your car stays in better condition for longer.
    Of course, as well as cutting out the sun’s rays the Luxury Anti-Ultraviolet Car Curtain Car Sunshade also cuts out the possibility of other people looking into your car and seeing what you are doing – it offers privacy but at the same time enables you to look out at the world around you.
    The quality of this product is high.  Made of polyester, it is easy to clean and easy to install in your car. You will get many years of use from this product, up to ten years at least.  The Luxury Anti-Ultraviolet Car Curtain Car Sunshade is long lasting, highly effective and good value for money.

    Anti-UV and Heat Insulation
    Automatically Rolling
    Long usage life
    Easy installation and cleaning
    Good quality

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Color: Black
    Material: Polyester
    Width: 50cm
    Height: 39cm (Suitable for cars with 37cm - 44cm height)
    Function: ultraviolet radiation risistance, heat protecting
    automatically rolling
    Comfortable and easy to install

    Package list:
    1 x Luxury Anti-Ultraviolet Car Curtain Car Sunshade - Black(two pieces)
    4 x Slideway
    2 x Fixed mount
    4 x Stopple


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