Lightweight Automatic Pet Camera

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    Lightweight Automatic Pet Camera

          If you're like most animal lovers, you've probably spent some time thinking about what your precious pets get up to when you're not there to keep an eye on them. Does Fido spend his Friday nights hitting up the clubs with the other party animals? Is Fluffy carrying on an amorous tryst with one of the local tomcats-about-town? If you've ever wondered about what the world looks like from a pet's point of view, our pet camera can satisfy your curiosity. This automatic pet camera clips right onto your pet's collar, and is so light – only 35 grams! – that it won't interfere with your pet's busy schedule of ball chasing, mouse eating, jumping on your furniture, and whatever else he gets up to when you aren't watching.
          Our pet camera can be set to automatically take pictures at a frequency that you select, so you can see as much or as little of your pet's day as you like. If you want to get a good view of your pet in action, you can also choose to take videos of up to two minutes long. All you need to do is set the camera and then send your pet on her way; when you come home at night and check the recordings you'll be able to truly see the world the way your pet sees it, as she runs, jumps, and sleeps her way through your home  or neighborhood jungle. The camera also displays your telephone number, so that if your best buddy gets lost on one of his adventures, it's easy for anyone who finds him to get in contact with you and get him safely home.


    Lightweight pet camera will record your pet's life without weighing her down
    Camera can be set to take either pictures or videos
    Phone number display can be used to identify lost pets

    Manufacturer Specifications:

    Function: Camera
    Display: LCD screen
    Photo Resolution: 1280 x 960
    Video Resolution: 640 x 480, 30 frames per second
    Photo File Type: JPEG
    Video File Type: AVI
    Memory:  TF cards (not included)
    Power: built-in battery 210 mA
    Frequency of Photos Taken: every 10, 20, or 30 seconds
    Frequency of Videos Taken: every 1, 2, or 3 minutes
    Effective recording distance: 8 meters

    Package List:

    1 x Lightweight Automatic Pet Camera
    1 x Leash
    1 x Data Cable
    1 x English User Manual

    Lightweight Automatic Pet Camera

    35 Grams Lightweight pet camera

    Lightweight Automatic Pet Camera

    Resolution: 1280 x 960 (Photo); 640 x 480, 30 FPS(Video)

    Lightweight Automatic Pet Camera

    Phone number display on LCD Screen to identify lost pets


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