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LED Light Handheld Metal Detector - Adjustable sensitivity

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    LED Light Handheld Metal Detector - Adjustable sensitivity

    Our handy Metal Detector can be used for virtually an application! It detects nails and screws, staples and other metal objects. It can find studs inside a wall, by detecting the drywall nails. You can use it in tight spaces where metal objects may exist. No need for calibrating or guesswork as it pinpoints metal instantly with visual or audio signals. Works on all types of woods and particle board.

    It can be used flat for a wide scan area or on edge for pinpointing an object. It has two indicator settings: an alarm tone with the LED lighting up or vibration plus the LED. Some typical uses include:

    • Security screening
    • Construction to locate metal in wood or other object before cutting or planning
    • Locating small items lost in grass or sand. Keep one handy in your tool box car or beach bag
    • Also great to use with your treasure finder as a pin pointer. Once you locate a target with a larger metal detector it can be difficult to pinpoint the object.
    • With this handy detector you can easily narrow down the search area to just an inch or less!


    • More precise than larger metal detectors
    • Adjustable sensitivity
    • Optional silent mode
    • Limitless applications
    • No calibration neccessary

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • External dimensions: Length 395 mm*140 mm
    • Alarm modes: sound & light, vibration (switch)
    • Working power supply: 6F22ND 9 V battery (alkaline battery, rechargeable battery,not included)
    • Display: LED

    Package List

    • 1 x Metal Detector
    • 1x English Instruction Manual


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