LED Light Bulb with Neg-Ion Generator - White (6W) - Energy saving & environmental Protection

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    LED Light Bulb with Neg-Ion Generator - White (6W) - LED bulb with white color light for use in any standard screw-in light socket.
    LED Light Bulb with Neg-Ion Generator - White (6W). Energy efficient white 6 watt LED light bulb for use in any standard incandescent socket.

    This professionally designed LED light bulb (often called LED lamps in the trade) fits into any standard incandescent lamp socket. Our G60 model produces a white color light and emits enough light to replace incandescent and CFL's for many ambient lighting tasks.

    You may be wondering why there are so many news stories these days about LED lights. Here is a summary of the true, laboratory measured, "real world" benefits that can be achieved with by changing your home lighting to LED's:

    1. Energy savings (80% less energy than incandescent's)
    2. Incredible lamp life (50,000 hours)
    3. Environmentally friendly (no mercury or other harmful gases like those found in CFL's)
    4. Universal voltage for worldwide use (90-240V)
    5. Fully dimmable

    In addition to all these benefits, our new model G60 also has one additional benefit, it also has a negative-ion generating base to help reduce the dust and airborne particles that can build up in today's enclosed homes and small offices. Thereby both reducing energy use in your home or office as well as making the air cleaner.

    Great for retrofitting into existing desk lamps, wall sconces, pendants, down lights, these white LED light bulbs deliver smooth and uniform light distribution without any flicker. In addition, these LED lights provide particularly good eye friendly task lighting for computer desks.

    Ankaka offers this new technology LED light bulb with an astounding no M.O.Q. (no minimum order quantity) so you can try one for yourself to see how it works. Then you can stock up on this new LED lamp to retrofit your house, or better yet, sell them at your online / physical store or feature it in your latest eBay, Amazon or uBid listings to share with others while making money for yourself!

    • LED bulb with white color light for use in any standard screw-in light socket.
    • Uses only 6 watts of energy.
    • Fits into the same lighting fixtures as a standard incandescent bulb.
    • Provides uniform, diffused light output.

    China Manufacturer Specifications

    • Product Description: LED light bulb for standard screw-in lamp sockets (desk lamps, downlights, wall mounted light fixtures, etc.)
    • Materials: Frosted lens, L.E.D., aluminum casing and venting fins
    • Luminous Flux: 500 lumens
    • Typical Bulb Life: 50000 Hours
    • Color Temperature: 6000K (white)
    • Distribution Type: Diffused (120 degrees of output)
    • Negative Ion Output: >1,000,000 ions / cm3 / sec
    • Base Type: E27 medium base (standard incandescent socket)
    • Power: 6 Watts
    • Input Voltage: 90-240V
    • Working Temperature: -20 to 55 C
    • Dimensions: 140mm x 68mm
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleB457273AF7E8

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Long life (25x) as compared to incandescent bulbs.
    • Low wattage; save energy, the environment, and also save money on your electric bill!
    • These L.E.D. bulbs work most satisfactory when used to replace 40-60 watt incandescent in desk lamps, downlights, wall fixtures, or multi-lamp pendants.
    • Deliver diffused lighting without the flicker, noise or heat you can get with other conventional light sources.
    • These LED lamps decrease high maintenance costs by reducing the number of times a lamp needs to be replaced.
    • Negative Ion Output: >1,000,000 ions / cm3 / sec. The anion output is great for rooms lacking fresh air.

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    • Model CVCL-G60 LED light bulb

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