LED License Plate Holder - LED scroll display - Personalize Your Ride

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    LED License Plate Holder - Personalize Your Ride

    • License plate holder with LED scrolling message display.
    • Share your words of wisdom with other drivers.

    License plate holder with LED scrolling message display for installing on vehicles. This license plate holder can be programmed with any user typed scrolling message in bright red LED's. Share your words of wisdom with the world with this fun LED display! This unit can be programmed with up to five different messages, allowing you to change your message on the fly based on your current need. A great car accessory for business or fun.

    China Specifications

    • Main function: LED License Plate Holder
    • Power: 12V car battery
    • Sign Color: Red
    • Control: Via remote - choose one of five user programmed messages
    • Dimensions: 306mm x 168mm x 15mm (L x H x D)
    • Manufacturer Ref.: B8WT4BKZLQM0


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