LED Colorful Lifelike Jellyfish Aquarium - 240V

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    LED Colorful Lifelike Jellyfish Aquarium - 240V

    Now you can enjoy the delights of the deep blue sea right in your living room with this LED jellyfish aquarium. This desktop aquarium holds three jellyfish which “swim” around the tank. There are 6 bright LED lights built into the top of the tank. You can set different lighting modes for them. The LED jellyfish aquarium is the ideal decoration for bedrooms, offices, desks, restaurants, and anywhere people like to relax. It is powered by an AC adapter and has two different modes, but many different colors. It features incredibly lifelike jellyfish that really seem to be alive as they swim about. It is made of silicone ABS material, which is not at all harmful to the human body.

    The LED jellyfish will keep moving once the power is turned on. But if left alone, the aquarium will automatically shut off to save energy after two hours. Other than “Normal Mode”, the electronic jellyfish tank also offers “Deep Sea Mode” where these marine animal swim in a slower, more gradual manner and the LED lights change to become heavier on the background blues. Of course, you can also adjust your favorite color by hand.

    The sight of moving jellyfish is so slow and lovely that it can actually reduce stress in people. If you would like to create a relaxing environment for yourself, put this aquarium on your desk. It is 21cm(L) x 12cm (W) in size, making it suitable for just about any space in the room.

    Note: If you are having any trouble getting your jellyfish to swim about properly, remember to add just a few drops of liquid dish soap to the water as outlined in the instructions. It's part of what makes the magic happen.

    LED Jellyfish Aquarium
    6 bright LEDs – cycle through colors or select your favorite one.
    Two modes – normal mode and deep sea mode.
    Not harmful to people.
    Lifelike and energy-saving.

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Backlight: 6 Color can be manually adjusted
    Two modes - normal mode and deep sea mode
    Power Supply: AC transformer
    Material: ABS
    Dimensions: 25cm x 12cm x 20cm

    Package list:
    1 x LED Colorful Lifelike Jellyfish Aquarium - 240V
    3 x Electronic Jellyfish
    1 x Power supply
    1 x English User Manual


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