LED Color Changing Shower Head (Easy installation, Square Shape)

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    LED Color Changing Shower Head (Square)

    • Changes color according to the temperature
    • Easy installation
    • No power source needed
    • Fun for everyone

    LED color changing shower head with HOT, WARM, COLD water detection colors. This lighted shower head changes color with the temperature of the water, ensuring you know by sight exactly what to expect before you jump in. It even flashes red if the water is too hot (above 46 deg C) so you do not burn yourself!

    Great for new installations or retrofitting into existing showers, this LED Color Changing Shower Head (Square Edition) can be installed and working in just a few short minutes. Ever since we introduced the first version in 2008, these have become an instant e-tailing best seller. Now, we are happy to give you a new square head version of the super popular LED Color Changing Shower Head.

    Who needs a color changing LED shower head? Everyone, or course! Why shower under one color when you can have a constant color show? Have the lights randomly fade from one color to another or even quickly jumpshow between colors. Of course, you can always just leave it in its standard operating mode as an RGB temperature detecting shower head, the choice is yours!!

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    • Product Description: Shower head with water temperature indicating LED light
    • Installation: simply screw onto existing 3/4" hose or wall fitting
    • Water Flow: approx 2.5 gallons per minute
    • Flow Type: Invigorating 3 layer square out - to - in distribution
    • Shower head colors/temperature:
      - GREEN; <=32deg C
      - BLUE; 33 - 41 deg C
      - RED; 42 - 45 deg C
      - FLASHING RED; >46 deg C
    • Material: Chrome coated ABS
    • Dimensions: 240mm x 75mm x 30mm (L x W x D)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEFZ30H13R3FA9

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • No energy necessary; uses water current as energy source
    • Easy retrofit installation, just twist off your existing shower head and replace with the new one
    • 3/4 inch threaded connection fits most bathroom fixtures
    • This model does not include a Wall Bracket or Mounting Hardware
    • Feature it on your internet shop's front page for some easy sales. Order a sample for yourself and then write up and take pictures of your own experience in your stores blog or newsletter to generate some extra sales and customer conversations ; - )

    Package List for AGC - LT48

    • LED Showerhead

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • What color LED's does this product contain?
      Red, Green, Blue
    • If I use this shower head, does that mean I do not need to turn on my bathroom light?
      Usually the light provided by the LED shower head is enough to take care of all of your "business" in the shower.
    • How are the LED's powered?
      The water current flowing through the shower head powers the LED's. That is why when you install this shower head you might notice a slight decrease in the water pressure versus your previous non - LED shower head.

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