LED Color Changing Light Bulb - 16 Color Diffused LED Lamp with Remote

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    LED Color Changing Light Bulb - 16 Color LED Lamp with Remote - Diffused LED light with 16 colors
    The newest offering in our famous series of Color Changing LED Lights. This new, second generation high output 16-color LED light bulb provides an astounding 60 lumens per watt, giving you an amazing brightness while using only 3 watts of energy. Better still, this multi-color LED light bulb conveniently fits into any incandescent light socket.

    Do you have a sign, wall or room currently illuminated with boring white light? Own a small business and want to really make your space stand out? Well here is the lighting product you have been waiting for - the 16-color LED lighting bulb with color effects and remote!

    This LED light can be used in a single static (fixed) color or simply press the remote control to produce one of four color changing effects. The CVHZ-G82 is capable of emitting White, Red, Green, Blue, plus twelve additional bright colors. In addition to the brilliant colors you can produce with this light bulb, you have the added benefit of reducing your energy costs since this bulb uses only 3 watts of energy. Great for retrofitting into existing track lights, downlights, pendants, wall sconces, or table lamps, make your interior decorations and displays shine with this one of a kind LED color changing RGB light bulb brought to you direct from the factory.

    In stock and available for single piece or bulk quantity orders, get yours today and be ready to impress friends or customers with your new high-tech LED light!

    • Diffused LED light with 16 colors
    • Remote control for changing colors and effects
    • Uses only 3 watts of power
    • Fits in a standard lamp socket

    China Manufacturer Specifications

    • Primary Function: RGB colored LED light bulb for producing colored or white light from an INC lamp socket
    • Brightness: 180 lumens
    • Typical Bulb Life: 50000 Hours
    • Control Type: IR Remote Controller
    • Remote Control Distance: 6M
    • Distribution Type: Diffused, 180 DEG
    • Remote Control Functions:
      - ON / OFF
      - Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth
      - Dimming (Brightness +/-)
      - Fixed color (16 to choose from)
    • Shell Material: PC Shell With Aluminum Housing
    • Base Type: E27 medium base (standard incandescent socket)
    • Power: 3 Watts
    • Input Voltage: AC90-240V, input frequency: 50-60 Hz
    • Dimensions: 113mm x 60mm (H x W)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleD5A6F90EFF85

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Long life as compared to standard incandescent bulbs
    • Low wattage; save energy, the environment, and also save money on electric bill
    • Fixed colors include four primaries; White, Red, Green, Blue, and 12 bright color hues
    • RGB (red, green, blue) colored LED lighting bulb, also called a Multi-color LED Lamp in the trade magazines

    Package List

    • Model CVHZ-G82 LED light bulb
    • Wireless remote control

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Is this model similar to the famous Ankaka LED Color Changing Spot Light with Wireless Remote? (CVSCL-8101)
      Yes it is. Our model 8101 is a directional light while this model, G82, is for general ambient lighting.
    • Can I use this in my desk lamp?
      Yes. It can be used in any lighting fixture with a standard screw base, including a desktop lamp.
    • Can I use this in my home?
      Certainly! If you want to use it as a mood light in your bedroom then go ahead and have fun!

    Reseller / Dropshipper Notes

    • Dropshippers - Our current series of color changing LED bulbs has continued to be popular since we introduced them last year. This is a no M.O.Q. (no minimum order quantity) product that will net you some steady sales from people looking to embrace LED technology.
    • Resale Partners - save on your overall product cost by ordering this in at least 4 pieces in order to receive the absolute best value for your money; better price + better per unit shipping cost = better savings for you!

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