Leather Case with USB Mini Keyboard for 10 Inch Tablet PC

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    Leather Case with USB Mini Keyboard for 10 Inch Tablet PC

    This product is specially designed for 10 inch tablet iPad, PC or eBook etc. This stylish leather wallet stand case with USB keyboard can support the tablet well and can protect the screen from scratches, dirt and grime. Its back stand function makes it easier for you to view videos, pictures, web pages or emails., You will no longer need to keep on holding your tablet/iPad. With a safe and secure magnetic shut closure system, maximum protection is offered by the soft leather lining for your iPad. It will be a great travel companion to you. Check it out from Ankaka Wholesaler at the lowest price.

    Plug and play capability for 10 inch Android tablet (2.0) or Windows system tablet.
    Easily placed inside a bag  or carried alone
    High-quality and eco-friendly leather
    Built-in keyboard

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Size: 280 x 190 x 32mm (to fit 10 inch tablet PC) / 11.2in. x 7.5 in. x 1.3 in.
    Material: Leather

    Package list:
    1 X Keyboard leather case
    1 X Free pen
    1 X English manual

    Note from Ankaka Customer Service:
    Both the top and the bottom tabs are adjustableand can be moved to fit your tablet. There should not be any gap between your tablet and the case holder.


        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    does it fit with archos 101 g9? do i have to use otg cable or it is included in the product?[ANKAKA REPLIED] We are delighted to let you know this item is designed for 10 inch tablets, it will fit archos 101 g9. USB cable is not included in the package list, the items comes with regular usb port. Wish you a nice shopping at ankaka.

    2012-12-27 09:40:55 tommaso seneci

    Does this fit the 10.1 inch hipstreet equinox 2?[ANKAKA REPLIED]We are delighted to let you know that it fits 10.1" tablet with regular 2.0 USB port. If your tablet comes with a mini USB port, you can buy a usb adapter cable.

    2012-12-10 15:17:27 Ian Aegerter

    Для FlyTouch3 - 10,2 без клавиатуры,чехлы есть? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This leather case is with keyboard for flytouch 3. If you do not want the keyboard, you can check if following pouch can meet your need. http://www.ankaka.com/ipad-flannelette-pouch-6-colors_p46369.html

    2012-03-20 07:41:19 igor

    Does it work for viewsonic viewpad 10s? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.It supports viewsonic viewpad 10s.

    2012-03-04 03:55:24 Tomas

    Очень понравился чехол. Сделаю повторный заказ.

    2012-01-11 10:18:32 Арапова

    Is it russian language ok? [ANKAKA REPLIED]It just has english letters pre-installed and doesn't support Russian language.

    2011-11-20 07:28:07 Ponomarenko

    does it fit a 9.7" w2pad? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2011-10-24 11:02:57 coates

    Will this fit the Asus Eee Transformer? I believe I would need a USB to mini USB adapter. Would that then work? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This leather case comes with standard USB port. Theoretially speaking, it can work with your ASUS Eee Pad with an USB adaptor. But we haven't tested it.

    2011-10-03 00:35:13 Stanton Goldstein

    Fits ePad Prime? http://www.ankaka.com/epad-prime-android-23-tablet-multitouch-101-capacitive-1024x600-screen-flash-wifi-1ghz-cpu-512m-ram4gb-rom-camera-hdmi-output_p48194.html [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2011-09-22 17:59:31 David

    Will this fit the wpad w2 [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2011-09-21 13:53:21 Oliver

    can i get this case with german QWERTZ Layout and will it fit on Motorola Xoom ? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This keyboard just has English letter. It fits Motorola Xoom tablet. Both the top and the bottom tabs are adjustable.

    2011-09-07 06:41:42 Andre

    hi my tablet is an jk01-tt of : 290×150×18mm fit in this case? [ANKAKA REPLIED]No, the length of this case is only 280mm.

    2011-08-17 19:59:09 Ivan Diaz

    My keyboard is DOA. The indicators won't turn on when i plugged the keyboad to my tablet. I want fully refund! [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls kindly note that the indicators on the upper-right corner are function indicators. They will not turn on unless you have selected those functions, such as "capslock", "NMLK".

    2011-08-04 02:52:49 shilla

    Just received my order, two 10" tablet leather covers & 2 16g sd memory cards. Very satisfied with product, extremely satisfied with shipping. I ordered another item from another company in China 3 days before I ordered from you and I am still waiting for their shipment to arrive, it was to be shipped the same method. I will make more orders on your site.

    2011-07-11 04:53:10 balyn

    Fits Archos 101? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2011-06-12 06:18:47 Michael

    Does it fit well for 10.2" Fly Touch 3? Do not become part of the fly touch 3 out of the holster? Is it 100% compatible with fly tocuh 3? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This leather case is 100% compatible with flytouch 3 tablet.

    2011-05-17 23:08:42 Delgadillo Miranda

    Does the leather case fit the FlyTouch3 - 10.2" [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2011-05-17 06:12:10 Stanley

    Will the Acer Iconia Tab A500 fit in this case? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2011-05-10 18:38:41 Kurt Stecker

    How come it says it is for iPad but does not work when I connect to apple iPad? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This leather case complies with ipad. Pls have a check that you have connected them firmly. Pls email sale@ankaka.com if you have any further questions.

    2011-05-03 14:20:42 Connie

    - Will this work for notionink adam? - Can this be shipped to Brazil? - What will be your shipping charges to Brazil? - What are the expected customs/duties/other charges for sending this to Brazil? - How much time will it take to reach my home in Sao Paulo, Brazil following customs inspection/release? [ANKAKA REPLIED] 1. This leather case is universal to 10" tablet. 2. We ship worldwide. 3. How To Calculate Shipping Costs Of This Product 1).Go to: http://www.ankaka.com/leather-case-with-usb-mini-keyboard-for-10-inch-tablet-pc_p47031.html 2).Click "Add to Cart" You will then be taken to the Shopping Cart page. 3).Scroll down to Estimate Shipping Costs. 4).Select your country in the drop-down menu. 5).Your estimated shipping cost will be displayed. 4. Please refer to the site for custom issues: http://www.ankaka.com/page.html?id=20 & http://support.ankaka.com/category/import-taxes-customs-duties/ 5. Please refer to the site for the shipping issue: http://www.ankaka.com/page.html?id=21

    2011-04-20 17:10:14 Naren

    Is it the International US keyboard? Can you do special foreign language character like é, à, ü, ç or €? Thanks. [ANKAKA REPLIED]It just has universal english keys on the keyboard.

    2011-04-20 12:00:43 fbrutsch

    I'm using this with a Viewsonic G-Tablet. For the price, I'm pleased. I ended up removing the left clip to get access the the tablet's ports and running a piece of velcro diagonally across the back of the tablet for peace of mind. Though I windows keyboard, it does what I need in terms of typing text in Android.

    2011-04-15 16:20:50 Cullen

    hi this product is compatible with the gpad gforce??? 9'.7" inchs [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes, tks!

    2011-03-23 22:32:58 keclaw

    How can the tabs be adjusted? They look fixed to me. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Both the top and the bottom tabs are adjustable. They can be moved to fit your tablet. There should not be any gap between your tablet and the case holder. Tks!

    2011-03-22 07:53:25 fjredondo

    This keyboard is signed in Russian? [ANKAKA REPLIED]No, the keys on it are english letters. Tks!

    2011-03-15 10:11:50 Lebedev

    Does the fit the HP Slate 500? Dimensions (w x d x h) 9.21 x 0.58 x 5.91 in (23.40 x 1.47 x 15.00 cm) [ANKAKA REPLIED] The dimension of the leather case is 28*18.8*3.3 (w x d x h). And both the top and the bottom tabs are adjustable. So it can fit your Slate 500. Tks!

    2011-03-09 15:35:34 Mike Stevens

    can this tablet fit the epad e2 10.2" [ANKAKA REPLIED] Yes, both the top and the bottom tabs are adjustable. Tks!

    2011-03-07 13:15:20 Derrick

    Does this fit the Notion Ink Adam [ANKAKA REPLIED] It depends on which size your Notion Ink Adam is. Tks!

    2011-03-01 11:28:11 X

    Can be ordered with Portuguese keys ç ã and eurpean symbols € ? Thank you. Best regards [ANKAKA REPLIED]Sorry this comes with standard keyboard.

    2011-02-09 06:33:36 Pedro Gaspar

    Will this fit the 10" Viewsonic G-Tablet? [ANKAKA REPLIED:] Yes

    2011-02-03 03:37:12 Karen

    a photo of the goods on the keyboard English font. Is it possible to order a Russian font, or to have both? Thanks for the reply [ANKAKA REPLIED:] This is what we have for now. thanks for asking.

    2011-01-29 11:27:36 Fedor

    can be ordered with cyrillic? [ANKAKA REPLIED] What cyrillic are you referring? Please contact sale@ankaka.com for further inquiry.

    2011-01-27 06:47:00 New Customer

    HI, Does it fit well for an Archos 101 tablet ? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2011-01-25 01:51:46 Patrik

    Does it fit well for 10.1" Fly Touch 2? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. This case fit perfectly for 10.1 Fly touch 2.

    2011-01-13 20:00:33 Tjun

    This unit wasn't as per the picture and the Epad didn't fit it properly. It had tabs only on top and bottom and this left a gap of 10mm that the top of the Epad wasn't held by, hence the pad was only held by bottom tabs. This didn't work well at all. Both the top and the bottom tabs can be moved to fit your pad. Please try. There should not be any gap.

    2011-01-07 16:40:13 Antony

    great addition to the epad i just purchased. clips are very sturdy and hold the epad perfectly. the keyboard is also very nice and doesnt feel cheap at all. great purchase if you plan on purchasing a 10' epad

    2010-12-22 06:25:36 melissa


    2010-12-15 00:56:01 Coleman

    This mini design really satisfies me! I will recommend it to my friends. Good!

    2010-11-29 22:12:05 Keary