Latest Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - PC/iPod/iPhone/MP3/MP4/Mobile(Only compatible with bluetooth devices that support A2DP.)

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    Latest Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - PC/iPod/iPhone/Mobile (Only compatible with Bluetooth devices that support A2DP.)

    This latest portable Bluetooth wireless speaker can be considered as one of the smallest wireless speaker or bass.  The speaker is made of durable metal shell, although it looks small, but features with the latest low frequency enhancement technology, can break through with shocking volume experience!  However, even if the volume turns up to its maximum, the sound would not be noisy due to its anti-breaking sound design. Speaker itself has the built-in rechargeable lithium battery, simply charged using the USB charger.  With 3.5mm audio input jack, it can easily connect to PC, iPhone, iOn the other hand, if you love rock or DJ style music, then this speaker is definitely suitable for you because of its excellent sound performance!

    -Anti-breaking sounds function
    -Low-frequency enhancement function
    -3.5mm audio input jack
    -USB charger

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Color: Silver
    Loud Speaker: 3Ω 3W
    Frequency Range: 60 Hz ~ 18 kHz
    Signal-to-Noise (SNR): ≧95DB
    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): ≦0.5%
    Charging Voltage: 5V; Current: 100mA
    Working Voltage: 3.7V; Current: 300mA
    Powered: Built-in Lithium Battery 450mAh
    Package Size: 8cm x 8cm x 7cm

    Note:For mobile phones and other Bluetooth devices, it will only be compatible with those that support A2DP.
    For PC, it will only support window system and apple system.

    Package Lists:
    1 x Latest Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - PC/iPod/iPhone/MP3/MP4/Mobile
    1 x Cleaning Cloth
    1 x USB Charger
    1 x English User Manual

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    The default pairing code is 0000.


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