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KeyLogger: Record Typing of Computer Keyboard

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    Key Logger: Record Typing of Computer Keyboard

    This Keylogger records everything typed on a USB keyboard. Absolutely no software is required and it is completely invisible to any software.

    It is the stealthiest hardware keylogger in existence - it is impossible to detect! It is invisible to the Operating System when installed. 

    Unlike many other keyloggers, it works with both low and full-speed USB Keyboards.

    Everything typed on the keyboard is captured and stored on the internal Flash Drive in a special file. Text data may be retrieved on any computer with a USB port and keyboard. Data is accessed just like using a USB Flash drive.

    Manufactory Specification:

    Memory: Record key typing over 5 years
    Compatible with all wired USB keyboards – All Windows System, Mac is not supported.
    No software or drivers required
    Quick and easy national keyboard layout support
    Encryption to help keep sensitive data safe
    Capable of recording ALL keys

    Package List:
    1X Key Logger: Record Typing of Computer Keyboard

    Note from Ankaka:

    Question:Does it wrk with wireless keyboard
    Answer:Yes, it will work with any wireless keyboard that uses a wireless receiver that connects via USB. Just connect the keylogger in between the wireless receiver and the PC. 

    Question:does this work on laptop
    It only works on keyboards connected to a USB port, so of you have a keyboard connected to the labtop via a USB or one of those labtop station things with a USB keyboard then yes. 
    As long as the laptop has an external usb keyboard you can use it. The keylogger has to go between a keyboard and the usb port to be able to read the keyboard keys.


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