Infrared HD Waterproof Spy Camera - 1080P Mini DVR w/8GB

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    Infrared HD Waterproof Spy Camera - 1080P Mini DVR w/8GB

    This spy camera comes with cutting-edge technology—it is the first FULL HD Infared waterproof night vision camera in the world! It is waterproof for 30 meters underwater. This camera serves all your spy needs, since it can not only record photos, but it can also record audio and high-resolution HD video. The pinhole lens will ensure that you do not get noticed recording pictures or video. You can easily capture hidden HD videos whenever you need it because the video and audio are automatically saved onto the internal 8GB memory. After you get back onto dry land, you can playback all of what you recorded on your computer. Order your spy camera from Ankaka today—we offer the best spy camera at the lowest price with a full one year warranty.

    Note: Due to the design of this infrared HD spy camera, it cannot be used as a professional camera for underwater workers. In general, you can use the camera 3 meters underwater.

    HD camera w/pinhole lens
    Infared Night Vision
    Real time clock display
    Supports photo shooting and video and sound recording

    Manufacturer specifications:
    Video format: AVI
    Picture format: JPG
    Video Code: M-JPEG
    Video resolution:1920*1080P
    Video frame rate:30 fps
    Picture: 4032*3024
    Image proportion: 4:3
    memory: Built-in 8GB
    Interface type: Mini 4Pin USB
    Supported system: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista/7
    Waterproof design: 3ATM
    Battery capacity: 280mAh
    Working time: 115 Minutes
    Charging voltage: DC-5V
    Supports AV OUT/AV IN function
    Software play: Own operating system and Mainstream audio and video playback software

    Package list:
    1x Infrared HD Waterproof Spy Camera - 1080P Mini DVR w/8GB
    1x USB Cable
    1x CD
    1x English User Manual


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    if i wan to record for more than 2 -3 hrs. will this work? if not any other watch which records more than two hrs available? [ANKAKA REPLIED] The item lasts 1-2 hours.

    2013-08-29 13:32:38 angela

    is it selectable if one wants stamp date and time on or off ? any link to pdf for more tech info ? [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2013-07-30 11:58:43 Danilo

    Hi, I am curious to know if the watch battery were to go dead while recording, does it automatically save your video or do you lose that video?[ANKAKA REPLIED]It automatically saves your video.

    2013-02-12 23:02:14 watch man

    Hello my friends, this clock has motion detection? thanks ![ANKAKA REPLIED] Please kindly notice that this watch doesn't have motion detection function. If you want to buy one with motion detection function, here is one:

    2013-01-29 01:55:55 maniccia

    Hi, I am interested to know the battery life during recording and then know whether the registration is automatic infrared nottuna five or chosen by the user.[ANKAKA REPLIED] The working time of this one is about 40 minutes to 1 hour, and this watch is with Infrared Night Vision.

    2012-11-22 10:54:58 D'Agostino

    does this watch have expandable memory minisd and what is the working time for video on full charge how reliable is it underwater? and could you please tell us about the material of the watch and watchband. Thanks.[ANKAKA REPLIED] The actual working time of battery will last for at least one hour. Regarding the waterproof function,generally speaking, you can use the camera 3 meters underwater. The material of the watchband is steel strip and the watch screen is ordinary glass. Wish you a good shopping at ankaka.

    2012-11-05 01:17:34 Anthony

    Dear Customer Service Working time of battery 115 minutes video photography Are you sure? Avi Hudara [ANKAKA REPLIED] The actual working time of battery will last for at least one hour.

    2012-09-13 15:04:14 hudara avi

    does the light stay while recording , or does it go invisible ?[ANKAKA REPLIED]The light will not stay while recording.

    2012-08-27 10:01:08 Naji

    My review video on YouTube: [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email at with the correct link. Thanks.

    2012-03-01 21:34:46 Montgomery