Infrared HD Waterproof Spy Camera - 1080P Mini DVR w/8GB

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    Infrared HD Waterproof Spy Camera - 1080P Mini DVR w/8GB

    This spy camera comes with cutting-edge technology—it is the first FULL HD Infared waterproof night vision camera in the world! It is waterproof for 30 meters underwater. This camera serves all your spy needs, since it can not only record photos, but it can also record audio and high-resolution HD video. The pinhole lens will ensure that you do not get noticed recording pictures or video. You can easily capture hidden HD videos whenever you need it because the video and audio are automatically saved onto the internal 8GB memory. After you get back onto dry land, you can playback all of what you recorded on your computer. Order your spy camera from Ankaka today—we offer the best spy camera at the lowest price with a full one year warranty.

    Note: Due to the design of this infrared HD spy camera, it cannot be used as a professional camera for underwater workers. In general, you can use the camera 3 meters underwater.

    HD camera w/pinhole lens
    Real time clock display
    Supports photo shooting and video and sound recording

    Manufacturer specifications:
    Video format: AVI
    Picture format: JPG
    Video Code: M-JPEG
    Video resolution:1920*1080P
    Video frame rate:30 fps
    Picture: 4032*3024
    Image proportion: 4:3
    memory: Built-in 8GB
    Interface type: Mini 4Pin USB
    Supported system: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista
    Waterproof design: 3ATM
    Battery capacity: 280mAh
    Working time: 115 Minutes
    Charging voltage: DC-5V
    Supports AV OUT/AV IN function
    Software play: Own operating system and Mainstream audio and video playback software
    Ankaka Wholesale Ref.: Wholesale DKALKJKDLAF

    Package list:
    1x Infrared HD Waterproof Spy Camera - 1080P Mini DVR w/8GB
    1x USB Cable
    1x CD
    1x English User Manual


        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    Still very unclear does the watch have any lights on while recording and if so is there a way to remove? [ANKAKA REPLIED]The watch has no lights on while recording.

    2014-02-07 17:21:36 John

    While recording do any lights stay on at all ( blinking or not) [ANKAKA REPLIED]No.

    2014-02-07 12:41:01 John

    My question is Will there be any lighting blinking on watch during video recording...? [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email with your inquiry.

    2013-10-20 15:16:13 Sheria

    While recording video, is there any indicating light blinking. If not thats fine if so then I don't want any blinking lights on my watch while I am recording someone . [ANKAKA REPLIED]The item records without blinks.

    2013-10-18 19:59:29 Sheria

    Infrared HD Waterproof Spy Camera - 1080P Mini DVR w/8GB [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email, if you have any question.

    2013-09-21 16:50:05 E.MANCINI

    hello I would like to know if this clock is composed of stainless steel! I wonder you are so good at doing these things, but why not make stainless steel strap and case in a way that lasted well over time! the speech and that if they are made ​​of stainless steel after using it twice becomes pink to keep in a drawer forever! I ask because it is not reported and made ​​up of stainless steel this watch sun! thanks Regards [ANKAKA REPLIED] It is not stainless steel. It is lithium alloy.

    2013-08-30 06:17:11 max

    hi how do you change the date stamp on the sun spy watch and do you have a manual written by someone who has a clear understanding of english, as the english version is near on useless as words are placed with no respect to their correct placement in sentences which renders the english language useless.[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email and include your order number.

    2013-05-01 06:12:38 shane

    DOES THIS UNIT REPRODUCE FULL COLOUR AS WELL [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. The things in the video/picture all are with real color as in reality. It acts like digital camera when you use its spy function. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2012-04-08 15:01:39 STEWART

    hi just wondering that while recording do i have to hold it upside down for it to be in normal view or is the camera fitted upside down so that i can record straight while wearing it? thx [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls kindly note that the camera is fitted upside down, so you can record straight while wearing it. Thanks.

    2012-03-27 05:35:35 Mohammad Awais

    the youtube video doesnt work, do you have sample recordings? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Sorry we don't have sample recordings. If you have any inquiries on this watch, you can email us at We are happy to answer your questions.

    2012-03-22 13:58:32 dex

    Hi, does the watch changes from sunday to the rest of the days or is it says always it is sunday? Thank you [ANKAKA REPLIED]This spy watch only has time and date display, not the weekday display.

    2012-02-05 05:00:25 nennie

    Is it possible to keep IR lights OFF during recording at night or in low light condition? Is there a option to keep them OFF forever? Thank you. [ANKAKA REPLIED]The blue indicator on the top will be on when recording. You can turn off the IR Lamp whenever you want.

    2012-02-02 15:08:56 Calic QA

    Please let me know how to copy the files after recording. It is not detecting the connection on my laptop even after installing driver. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls make sure you have installed the right driver. There are several drivers in the disc for different PC OS.Please include your order number and email if you have further questions.

    2011-11-09 09:34:51 tcharyan

    pls kindly tell us where is the camera? Does it have dual batteries to support its work? One for the clock and the other for the camera function? Elizabeth [ANKAKA REPLIED]The camera is on the 5 o'clock position and the indicator is on the 12 o'clock position. This watch is only with one battery which supports both the clock display and the camera recording function. When it has low battery power, this watch will refuse to record, but the clock will still display the time. You don't need to worry about the situation the clock will refuse to work.

    2011-10-24 06:28:53 Elizabeth

    I wonder if he actually filmed the night. As night sets in record mode? I bought the clock and I can not write without light ....... [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please make sure you have selected the correct mode for recording. Please email with your order number if you can't adjust it.

    2011-08-19 21:00:58 John

    hi dear does the watch have individual battery , or it's only one battery for the watch and cam ? [ANKAKA REPLIED]There is one battery built-in. Pls email if you need extra batteries.

    2011-07-27 06:42:52 wajdi qabbo