Waterproof Smoke Detector with Hidden Camera


Hi I just need to know after recording for 5 to 7 minutes , how long the camera will stop recording before starting to record again [ANKAKA REPLIED]3 minutes.

Date Added: July 16, 2014 by Alfred Fawzy

Hi. I want to know if during recording any light is staying on. [ANKAKA REPLIED] No light is staying on during recording.

Date Added: March 10, 2014 by Adrian

The instructions are not clear on how to charge the device. Also there is not a driver to use the camera as a webcam. Please explain how to remedy both of these situations. Thank you. [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

Date Added: October 26, 2013 by Jeff

I cant read the instructions and the youtube video has no sound. [ANKAKA REPLIED]PLease contact sale@ankaka.com and include your order number. We will send you the instruction.

Date Added: September 3, 2013 by adrienne

How far does the night vision record and do it record in total pitch black darkness? Also, do the camera record video non stop or do it record in time increments for example it records for 3 minutes then stops. [ANKAKA REPLIED]We are delighted to let you know that the night vision distance of this camera is 6 meters. And please kindly notice that the camera records for 3-7 minutes and then stop and then record again.

Date Added: October 4, 2012 by Andrea Williams