High Quality Active ATSC Car Antenna - Great Reception

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    Premium ATSC Car Antenna


    • ATSC Antenna for use in your car
    • High quality active antenna
    • Easy stick-on installation
    • Separate power/signal cable for best reception
    • Great replacement for your old/lost car antenna

    Enjoy improved ATSC digital TV in your car with this Premium ATSC Car Antenna. Simply plug it into your ATSC receiver (like a car DVD player) for high quality digital TV like you've never seen before.

    This Premium ATSC Car Antenna was specially designed to receive free ATSC digital TV broadcast signals from major television networks. The omni-directional active antenna mounts easily onto the rear window of your car, giving it clear exposure to the sky and allowing you to receive crystal clear reception. It also includes an amplifier that minimizes interference and reduces signal loss, offering you the highest quality ATSC digital TV signals available.

    This compact and lightweight Premium ATSC Car Antenna can be installed on any type of vehicle for an instant and high quality way to receive digital TV in your car. Just stick the antenna part onto your windshield or rear window (pre-glued for easy installation) and insert the SMA plug connector to any ATSC receiver, like your Car DVD Player, Portable DVD Player, MP4 player, Headrest Monitor or anything else that has a TV input. The easy stick-on installation means no drilling, no tuning, no annoying cables, no software, no hassle!

    Start enjoying instant and free digital TV from your car with this Premium ATSC Car Antenna. Available in our warehouse right now, order today and we will express ship it out tomorrow. Brought to you by the leader in China Electronics - Ankaka.


    • Primary Function: Premium ATSC Car Antenna
    • ATSC Signals: MPEG2 and MPEG4
    • Antenna Type: Active
    • Frequency range: VHF/UHF
    • Gain: 20dB
    • VSWR: <1.0:1
    • Impedance: 75 O
    • Polarization: Vertical and Horizontal
    • Connector: SMA plug
    • Cable: RG - 174 Coaxial Cable
    • Cable Length: 5 M
    • Adhesive: 3M 467MP/200MP
    • Power Supply: 12V
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEEA6ATSCMAC5

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • This product supports the ATSC digital TV standard, which is not used worldwide. Please check to see if ATSC will work in your region: [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATSC_%28standards%29]
    • Want to know more about digital TV? Then check out our "Digital TV Explained" article at [www.ankaka.com/digital - tv - explained.html]
    • This antenna receives both MPEG2 and MPEG4 signals and works with ATSC televisions and receivers in products such as a Car DVD Players and Car Video Systems
    • For better reception, please clean the windshield glass before the antenna on
    • Separate power supply and signal input for best reception

    Package List for ASI - A52

    • Premium ATSC Car Antenna

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Will this digital TV work in the USA?
      Yes, North America (Including the US) Are in the ATSC digital TV frequency, this 7 inch digital handheld TV is designed for North America and other ATSC compatible regions.
    • Will this ATSC Car Antenna fit my car DVD player?
      This ATSC Car Antenna uses a SMA plug, which fits in all Ankaka Car DVD Players. If your car DVD player was bought from another source, you might need a nipple connector.
    • Does this ATSC Car Antenna come with any other connectors, like F plug, MCX, IEC, etc.?
      No, this version does not. However, if you plan on making a bulk order (200+ units), please contact our customer support team and we may be able to accommodate you.

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      - Orders processed and shipped within 24 - hours
      - 12 month warranty
      - In - house QC
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      - Worldwide Shipping

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