Handy portable scanner---For documents and photograph--Fast and easy!

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    Handyscan Portable Scanner
    Ankaka is offering a great new way to take notes, or save a picture for later! The Handyscan Portable Scanner, unlike most other portable scanners, is cordless and captures important documents, letters, photos etc directly to a supplied microSD card.

    Rather than sheet feeding pages, which is fine for unattached sheets, the scanner is moved over the area and its sensitive color image sensor scans at high (600dpi) or standard (300dpi) resolution, and then saves the captured images as JPEG files on the microSD card. If you do not know how to connect a microSD to your computer directly, then simply connect the Handyscan to your computer with the included USB cable for full access to your images!

    Works with a Mac or Windows 7, Vista, and XP and weighs only 7.5 oz/250g. This is a truly portable scanner, ideal for use when visiting clients, customers etc when a power supply is unavailable or inconvenient. Its built-in display shows the selected resolution, remaining battery life, and memory status


    • Scan a page in up to 2 seconds!
    • Convenient driver-free PC/MAC interface
    • Lightweight and portable- carry it with you anywhere!
    • Built-in "Overspeed Alert" to help you control the scanning speed
    • Real-time Distortion Compensation

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Image sensor:A4 Color Contact Image Sensor
    • Number of Sensor:5136dots(1st-5104 dots available)
    • Resolution: Low resolution: 300x300 dpi(default), High resolution: 600x600dpi
    • Maximum scanning speed for A4 size document:
    • Color High resolution:13 seconds
    • Mono High resolution:6.0 seconds
    • Color Low resolution:3.0 seconds
    • Mono Low resolution:2.0 seconds
    • Capacity(Based on 1GB microSD Card,Scan A4 size file,the quantily of scans varies depending on the content complexity):
      -600dpi color:220 Photos(Min.)
      -600dpi mono:290 Photos(Min.)
      -300dpi color:780 Photos(Min.)
      -300dpi mono:1280 Photos(Min.)
    • Scan width:8.27''
    • Scan length: 300DPI 50''(Max),600DPI 25''(Max)
    • File format:JPEG
    • LCD:Scanning status display
    • Auto Power Off:3 Minutes
    • USB Port:USB 2.0 High Speed
    • External memory:microSD Card (not included)
    • Standard Battery:2 x AA alkaline batteries(not included)

    Package List

    • 1 x Handy Scanner
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x CD Software
    • 1 x User's Manual
    • 1 x Cleaning cloth
    • 1 x Carry Bag



        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    i tried it. Not very good especially scanning book. now i am looking at xcanex http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vuov8BvNh1U it can be used to scan book as well. pretty neat.

    2013-04-05 02:23:50 Kingking

    Gostaria de comprar 1 uma unidade. Em qual moeda deve ser efetuado o pagamento.? OK obrigado.[ANKAKA REPLIED]You can pay in USD, GBP,EURO and etc.

    2013-03-19 14:52:53 Edilson Evaristo de Melo

    this product is very good, i want to perches this scanner help me.[ANKAKA REPLIED]Thank you for your interest. Please make the order directly on our website, there are shipping guide and payment method on the bottom of the product link page.

    2012-09-17 10:15:45 Ahmad

    Hi, I have several question below on this product. 1. How many colour available for this product. 2. Any warranty? what does it cover? 3. Is this product has OCR software that convert images to text? How many languages supported (especially chinese) [ANKAKA REPLIED]Glad to let you know that only the same color as the product images show is available. It comes with OCR software. We offer 12 months warranty for this product. Please refer to the following link for our warranty policy: http://support.ankaka.com/wholesale-troubleshooting/12-month-warranty/

    2012-04-16 04:20:20 Lim

    I received may handheld scanner and it works perfectly. I am very surprised with the result.

    2012-02-21 22:24:14 Lemay

    I received my scanner and I must admit, it is eveything I wanted plus more. For a businessman that travels abroad alot this scanner is perfect for scanning in my receipts and documents to my computer so I can email them to my office back home. Thanks Ankaka for another wonderful product! I will be doing more business with you in the near future!

    2011-11-12 20:26:50 Leonard

    If any one can guide me how to scan im following all the steps correctly but all in vain [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email sale@ankaka.com for the manual. Please include your order number with inquiry.

    2011-11-01 15:01:24 Abdul Rehman

    Hi, do you ship to Bulgaria? Is there guarantee for the product ? Do you offer compatible SD cards? what will be the final price with the SD card and the shipping? Regards [ANKAKA REPLIED]We ship worldwide. Pls refer to the following site: http://www.ankaka.com/page.html?id=21 & http://support.ankaka.com/electronics-product-questions-advice/12-month-warranty/ This device supports sd card. But pls kindly note that there isn't any sd card attached to it. The total amount is US$102.53 via express; US$76.51 via airmail to Bulgaria. If you have further questions, pls email sale@ankaka.com. Tks!

    2011-03-04 08:20:11 Nazzal

    One of the few handheld scanners that's small and light enough to consider portable. I bought this product to scan in my favorite pages of books and magazines. Its ease of use is wonderful. One easy buttons automate the entire process. It does all that I could hope for.

    2010-11-12 19:55:00 Henry

    Just got my portable scanner! this was the first purchase I made from Ankaka.com. good prices, good website to shop and excellent customer service. We had some problems with delivery of my orders - they were sent back by local post, but they sent it once again. keep up the good work!

    2010-10-13 20:42:15 Sherry