Flying Alarm Clock - 1.8 inch Screen

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    Flying Alarm Clock

    • Flying Alarm Clock - adds a fun and effective twist to the usual alarm clock
    • Propeller driven key flies away when alarm sounds and won't stop until you insert it back into the base
    • 12 hour time display on the 1.8 inch screen
    • Runs on 5 AA batteries (not included)

    Note: This great new product is available as a no MOQ (no minimum order quantity) item for a limited 60-day run. After that it will only be available for bulk orders and have a 4 piece MOQ. Get your sample orders in now to experience this great product for yourself!
    Flying Alarm Clock - adding a fun and effective twist to the usual alarm clock that is guaranteed to get you out of bed.

    Normal alarm clocks wake you up with loud noises to rouse you into wakefulness, however we have all become accustomed to the snooze button. Sure, you could use those extra 10 minutes, but then it becomes 20, then 30, and before you know it you're late for work. No more - meet the latest solution and the newest addition to our roster of cool clocks, the Flying Alarm Clock.

    The Flying Alarm Clock wakes you up with a loud shrieking alarm and mini propeller-driven key that flies up, up, and away. Guaranteed to get you up, the alarm won't be turned off until you've retrieved the key and insert it back into its original position. Of course, that means you need to physically get out of bed if you ever want peace and quiet again, and by then you're awake enough to at least go make a pot of coffee. Annoying, but effective, snoozers have finally met their match with the Flying Alarm Clock.

    The Flying Alarm Clock includes a clear 1.8 inch display and is extremely easy to use. A few simple clicks is all it takes to set the time, a few more to set the alarm, and finally just 1 push to install the propeller-driven key. The Flying Alarm Clock can be useful for anyone and is an especially great present for parents to give their terrible-to-wake teens - in a "tough love" kind of a way.

    There are some who like it, some who love it, and some who have had the flying key go out the window, but in any case, the Flying Alarm Clock is an affordable and very effective gadget that is sure to bring loads of fun and amusement. Available in our warehouse now, order today and we'll express ship it out tomorrow. Brought to you by the leader in China Electronics - ankaka.


    • Primary Function: Flying Alarm Clock
    • Color: Black
    • Screen: 1.8inch
    • Buttons: Set Time, Set Alarm, Alarm On, Snooze Alarm, Alarm Off, Hour, Minute
    • Time Mode: 12 hour AM/PM
    • Power Source: 5x AA batteries (not included)
    • Dimension: 145 x 50 mm (Diameter x Height)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEB5ETDEY4VV1Z

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Innovative and unique alarm clock
    • Blue LED backlight for use at night
    • Fun gift and great resale item

    Package List for ASB-H41

    • Flying Alarm Clock base
    • Detachable propeller unit

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Aside from returning the propeller unit to the base, is there any other way to turn off the alarm?
      Nope! Well, you could also take out the batteries, but that just defeats the purpose of an alarm clock, go pick the propeller up, you snoozer!
    • If I lose the propeller unit for some reason, can I order another from you?
      Of course, just contact our customer support department and tell them your problem.
    • Is there any way to change the alarm sound?

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