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Flexible Silicone Rubber PC Keyboard - Compact and flexible Keyboard

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  • Wholesale Price: US$4.99

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    Flexible Silicone Rubber PC Keyboard - Compact and flexible - can be rolled up!
    Low priced, incredibly flexible PC keyboard made completely from quality silicon rubber. The ultimate in portable and durable, this is a key board that can go anywhere you go, take extraordinary amounts of abuse, and still work perfectly. This standard QWERTY keyboard is plug and play with Microsoft Windows OS and works just like a normal computer keyboard (only better!)

    • Compact and flexible - can be rolled up!
    • Solid, yet comfortable feeling
    • Extremely durable

    China Manufacturer Specifications

    • Product Description: Full-Sized Flexible Keyboard
    • Construction: Flexible All Silicone Rubber
    • Plug-and-Play, no installation needed
    • 109 Keys/Button
    • Standard QWERTY layout
    • USB or PS/2 OUT
    • Systems: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista (32 bit version only)
    • Power Source: direct from USB or PS/2 Port
    • Dimensions: 136x490x3mm (LxWxD)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleKGKT8P4EU8US

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Working Temperature: -15 ~ +60 deg C
    • Virtually Indestructible
      - Washable
      - Dustproof
      - Mildew and Water resistant

    Package List

    • Manual
    • USB to PS/2 Adapter

    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 26 April, 2005.


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    Will this work with a dell inspiron 1520 and does it require any form of set up or does it start working from when it gets plugged to the usb? Let me know thanks :) [ANKAKA REPLIED] It support computer with USB port

    2013-02-10 15:34:57 danni

    Will this work with Android Tablets ? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.But a usb connector is required.

    2011-02-19 13:26:26 Andrew Walters