ePad: Android Tablet PC,MID,Wifi ,10" Touch Screen ,1GMHz CPU,1080P Video

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    ePad: Android Tablet PC, MID, Wifi, 10" Touch Screen, 1GMHz CPU, 1080P Video

    This mobile Internet device will be the one you have been looking for.  It  comes with Android 2.1 OS with 256MB ram to handle  the vast range of applications from  Google Android Market. Surely the device will make your life colorful and wonderful.Start ordering this ePad from reliable electronics wholesaler Ankaka.com.


    Android 2.1 OS
    Support HD 1080P
    3G function
    Compatible with WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, PDF, TXT, etc.

    Manufacture Specification:

    Processor TypeARM11
    Processor Clock Speed1GMHz
    Processor ModelZT180
    Cache Memory / Installed SizeI-Cache 2M
    RAM Installed SizeDDR 256MB
    Screen Size10 inch
    Max Resolution800X480
    HDMI Output Support 1080P output
    Display TechnologyResistive Touch Screen
    Graphics TypeIntegrated Graphics
    Operating System Android 2.1
    Product Type Tablet PC, MID
    Keyboard Touch screen
    Pointing DeviceStylus or finger
    Battery Type 1-Cell 3000mAH, 7.4V Lithium-ion battery
    Battery / Run Time (up to) Wifi on: 5 hours / Wifi off: 7 hours
    Voltage required 220V Input, 9V DC Output, 2A
    Dimensions / W x D x H 270mmx180mmx15mm
    Built-in Speaker Yes
    SkypeNot pre-installed. But you can install it from Android Market.
    Android MarketYES
    Email and BrowserYES
    Storage and Expansion
    Hard Drive TypeNAND Fast Flash
    Hard Drive Capacity2GB
    PCMCIA ExpansionTF (Support 32G MAX)
    Input/Output Ports
    Full-size USB Port/Adapter1
    Mini USB Port/Adapter1
    HDMI Port/AdapterNO
    Rj45 Adapter/Port1
    SD Card SlotNO
    TF Card Slot1
    DC Jack1
    Earphone Jack1
    Internet Connections
    WiFiWifi 802.11 b/g
    YES, support external http://www.ankaka.com/huawei-e1750-72mbps-hspa-usb-3g-dongle-modem_p47886.html
    Ethernetsupport external
    Support Formats
    VideoSupport720P MP4, AVI, MOV, RM, RMVB, online video,etc.
    AudioSupport MP3, WMA etc.
    PictureJPG, BMP, PNG, GIF
    LanguagesEnglish, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and over 30 other countries' languages
    Package List 1 x ePad: Android Tablet PC,MID,Wifi ,10" Touch Screen ,1GMHz CPU,1080P Video
    1 x Power Adapter
    1 x USB RJ45 adapter
    1 x English user manual
    Additional Features

    Note from Ankaka Customer Service:

    (1) It only supports the following 3G cards:
    1.wcdma supports HUAWEI E1750/E1752 and ZTE AC581 http://www.ankaka.com/huawei-e1750-72mbps-hspa-usb-3g-dongle-modem_p47886.html

    2.cdma2000 evdo supports HUAWEI EC122/EC189 and ZTE MF110

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. This item uses Android system. So if you want to run Microsoft programs, you will need to download applications from the Android Marketplace.


    2. The computer cannot be turn on.
    a. Check the battery to make sure it is charged
    b. Check the machine again after connecting the power adapter

    3. There is no voice from the earphone
    a. Check the volume setting
    b. Check the connection of earphones

    4.  Noise
    a. Check whether the earphone plug is clear as dirt could bring noise.
    b. Check if the music file is broken. Confirm the problem by trying another one

    5. Messy code
    Please check whether it has been set of the right language options.

    6. WIFI is not working
    All of Tablet PCs  have been inspected by Ankaka QC team before shipment.
    However if you still can not make it work well, please check out the following:
       a. Check if there is metal material shelter around the Apad.
       b. Please try the several signal models of your wireless router one by one.
       c. Check if the password of wireless connection is correct.
       d. There will be a green WIFI mark at the right-bottom if the connection is successful
       f. IF you want to connect the Pad with cable for internet access, the router must be set as dynamic IP.

    7. Can I install Apps on it like games etc ?
    A. Yes, You can upgrade the product to the latest firmware 0929 and get android market classi. Or you can download APTKOR app that is the best market software at present. Downloading apps is very easy, just one click will do. You can also install applications made for android which are available on many sites on the internet.

    8. Does it support YouTube ?
    A. Yes , But you have to install the youtube App or the SkyFire Browser via Market apps,which is free of charge. There are also many softwares available on the internet which can be  used to download YouTube videos onto your device, so you can also enjoy the videos even if not connected with the internet.

    9. Can I use this as an MP3 or MP4 Player ?
    A. Yes of course, it comes with a built-in 2GB memory and a Memory Card slot (TF ) which can support up to 32GB.

    (10) Car charger for our epad tablet: http://www.ankaka.com/epad-zt180-tablet-pc-car-charger_p48121.html

    (11)Updated on 2011-9-8: WinCE 6.0 OS can't be pre-installed anymore.


        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    Your descriptions mentioned a WinCE 6.0 option and I would like that installed if it isn’t already? [ANKAKA REPLIED]We can pre-install the WinCE 6.0 OS for you. Pls make a comment when placing order.

    2011-09-04 10:57:41 Begum

    can we have this tablet with win ce 6.o [ANKAKA REPLIED]We can pre-install the WinCE 6.0 OS for you. Pls make a comment when placing order.

    2011-08-21 06:18:20 jason

    can i have wince6.0 installed instead of android os [ANKAKA REPLIED]We can pre-install the WinCE 6.0 OS for you. Pls make a comment when placing order.

    2011-08-21 05:38:54 jason ghent

    hi i am in syria where can i find it in my country in syria thank you [ANKAKA REPLIED]We are a wholesaler located in china and don't have representatives in syria. Pls make orders directly on our site if you have interest.

    2011-07-09 11:09:53 aeub

    Hello. Is there any hope in the near future to update THIS epad's operating system to android 2.2 ?

    2011-06-09 05:45:12 Jozsef Endre

    hello so i can put my sim card it work [ANKAKA REPLIED]This tablet supports external 3G connection.

    2011-04-27 15:26:02 Roberts

    hello can it work at&t [ANKAKA REPLIED]YES

    2011-04-26 13:08:44 Roberts

    Will this be able to read my 1 TB external hard drive and be able to play songs directly from the HDD instead of saving it onto the device? If not, can you introduce me to a product that could? Thanks/ [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. Tks!

    2011-04-11 04:53:54 joe

    I can not get the tablet to read a sd card. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please see the link below: http://support.ankaka.com/android-tablet-faq/how-to-read-tf-or-micro-sd-card-with-your-tablet/ Tks!

    2011-03-16 19:41:40 lisa kittrell

    hello how do download music or videos to a 10 inch google android tablet pc [ANKAKA REPLIED]You can download them from website or use TF card as transfer. Tks!

    2011-03-15 01:24:47 joseph Chambers

    im just wondering, if this product can accept wireless broadband for internet? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. TKS!

    2011-03-12 01:33:13 Mr. Mark

    hi does this pad work with usb dongle to conect to internrt i have 02 [ANKAKA REPLIED]It only supports the following 3G cards: 1.wcdma supports HUAWEI E1750/E1752 and ZTE AC581 2.cdma2000 evdo supports HUAWEI EC122/EC189 and ZTE MF110

    2011-02-23 11:25:41 sur

    When will you have 10' ePad ZT-180 Android 2.2, 512MB Memory, 4GB HDD available? This is a hot selling item, can be found at Aliexpress [ANKAKA REPLIED]This product will be added this week.

    2011-02-17 11:01:19 Tjun Hian

    im here in US for how many days i recieve this product?if u send it to me' [ANKAKA REPLIED]It depends on which shipping method you choose. For express, it's within 1 week. For airmail, it will take up to 3-4 weeks.

    2011-02-11 01:02:18 Mark Anthony

    Hi ankaka, how can i connect camera here..thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please let us know what camera are you trying to connect. Please email sale@ankaka.com if you have any question (please also include your order number).

    2011-02-11 00:48:23 Mark Anthony Cacal

    I'm in to buing tablet and i would like to now if you ship to Macedonia.thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED:] Yes. We ship worldwide.

    2011-02-04 21:03:10 ekimovski

    Does this work with at&t or tmobile? and also does it come with a warranty? [ANKAKA REPLIED:] 1. Yes 2. Yes. http://support.ankaka.com/wholesale-troubleshooting/12-month-warranty/

    2011-01-30 10:41:34 Roy

    Can I use pdanet and tether my phone's 3g connection? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Sorry there is no 3g function with this tablet.

    2011-01-21 11:39:49 Rhino

    Hi I wanted to know can this system open websites that use flash? [ANKAKA REPLIED] Only android 2.2 can support flash 10.1.

    2011-01-18 16:49:45 Derik

    What is the largest TF card that his product will support? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This product can support up to 32GB TF card. Thanks.

    2011-01-16 06:58:44 Bare

    can you watch netflix on this tablet [ANKAKA REPLIED]It appears as though Netflix is hiring an Android developer to “help build [an] Instant Streaming client implementation on Android devices.” Obviously, the good news would be that an official Netflix app — that would allow subscribers to watch Instant Queue movies right on their handsets — appears to be on the way. The bad news is that it may still be a while until we actually see said app. http://jobs.netflix.com/DetailFlix.asp?jobid=flix3724

    2011-01-13 14:25:54 bg

    At first, I bought one for my wife and she is happy with it. Later I ordered 10pcs more for my customers. It sells well and I get good feedback. I like it, feels good look great. My wife uses this unit to surf the internet and watch youtube(also works great). It is really an excellent product with a low price. Good stuff.

    2011-01-12 03:45:40 Richard

    Can you connect a USB printer to this android tablet so I can print out WORD documents? Thanks. [ANKAKA REPLIED] You can only connect android-based printer. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2011-01-06 11:04:18 Lopez

    I ordered this one but how much more of a difference is the 8 inch with android 2.2? and do this one have the 10.1 flash? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Only adnroid 2.2 supports 10.1 flash. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2011-01-05 22:09:34 hicks

    I have been comparing this model so I notice the specification has been changed!. Original battery life has been changed from 2hrs with WiFi to 5hrs. and the resolution is downgrade to 800x480 instead 1024x 600. Is this the final changes and all spec. info. are correct? I wanted a bigger screen but because of the battery life, I ended up buying the 8" apad android 2.2 and its battery life ends up to be only 2 hrs with WiFi!

    2011-01-04 01:10:49 cathy

    I ordered this tablet and cant wait to get it. i wanted to know the games that i play on my facebook am i able to play them on this tablet? [ANKAKA REPLIED] We are not sure which game are you referring to. This tablet has android 2.1 OS so games compatible with this OS will be able to be played on this tablet. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2011-01-01 18:48:55 hicks

    Do your items ship off from China? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. We ship from China.

    2010-12-28 15:04:12 Jayla

    I want to be able to play games on the internet and most of them need adobe flash.

    2010-12-28 08:35:31 Amajia

    I was wondering how i could download music here. Can I download it off of the internet or what? I just ordered one of them and I am soo excited for it to arrive : )) [ANKAKA REPLIED] You can download music from the internet using this tablet. Thank you for you inquiry.

    2010-12-26 19:00:01 Jada

    Hello, I'm considering buying this, but I just have one question, What size is the screen? I'm talking about the acual screen size, not the whole tablet itself. It's just that in the title it says 10", and it says it includes a 10" tablet in the specs, it's just that also in the specs it says that the screen size is 7" Thanks! [ANKAKA REPLIED] This screen is 10'' the 7'' was a typo and we have corrected. Thanks for your inquiry and notification.

    2010-12-21 19:14:39 Alyshia

    i am very pleased with the epad. we were able to connect to the internet within minutes after opening it. the product is amazing. great purchase. so glad i didnt purchase an ipad. only problem i had was the delivery. it took almost 3 weeks for me to receive it.

    2010-12-21 10:25:39 melissa

    Great ePad. I'm very happy with the purchase. Ankaka customer service is pretty quick with responses. This is a good value other than the support and recovery options but this is expected from an open source product. I received the item within a week to TX. This is fast for overseas shipping. I will definitely order from Ankaka again. DO NOT install the GS ADW Theme on the market or it will force close loop on you forever and you may need to reflash your ePad unless someone has an easier way.

    2010-12-20 23:06:49 Vong

    Nice. User friendly. Received after 10 days.

    2010-12-19 18:52:16 Sandeep

    can i chat msn this tablet? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. You can download msn application and install for msn chatting. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2010-12-19 00:40:02 jonth

    Just had a question, Can these have microsoft office downloaded to it and do they have wi fi on them? I just brought a tablet from t-mobile today and stumbled across this but would be happy to take the tablet back and purchase one of these. [ANKAKA REPLIED] Yes. You can install microsoft office on the tablet and this table also can connect to internet via wifi.

    2010-12-18 21:42:12 Dee

    Is this tablet upgradeable to Android 2.2 Froyo? [ANKAKA REPLIED] This tablet can't upgrade to Android 2.2. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2010-12-17 13:34:32 Dan

    Can i-tunes be downloaded. [ANKAKA REPLIED]No. You can't download itune into this tablet.

    2010-12-15 10:14:27 darren thomas

    Hi there, I'm about to purchase a few of these Android Tablet PC's and was wondering about something in the advertisement. How is the advertised 1080p achieved? the screen resolution listed is 1024x600. Actual 1080p would require a screen resolution of at least 1920×1080 pixels. I'm just wondering if this is a typo. Thanks! [ANKAKA REPLIED]This product supports the playing of 1080HP video but the resolution is 1024x600 which is even better than the apple ipad. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2010-12-14 20:44:22 Jim C

    Can it be upgrade to 512 ram? Is battery life correct??? 2 hrs is really short!! [ANKAKA REPLIED]This product can't upgrade to 512 ram. Thanks.

    2010-12-13 22:45:56 cathy

    i was wondering what video formats does this play? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This product supports 720P MP4, AVI, MOV, RM, RMVB video online.

    2010-12-12 04:34:25 Andrews

    Does it able to be used as an E-book reader. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. This tablet can be used as ebook.

    2010-12-11 16:13:32 darren

    Hello, I was wondering if it supports facebook and twitter? thanks again [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.Thank you for your inquiry.

    2010-12-09 19:10:31 Daniel Huffman

    suspicious when i buy this item when it said it has a webcam built in when it orderd i look back at the product the webcam has been tooken out of the info bit hoping it still has webcam otherwise its going BACK! [ANKAKA REPLIED]This product doesn't have camera. Thanks.

    2010-12-08 08:52:51 jarrad

    i need a leather case for the 10.2" tablet pc [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please see A1119.http://www.ankaka.com/leather-case-with-usb-mini-keyboard-for-10-inch-tablet-pc_p47031.html

    2010-12-04 03:55:58 Khalil

    The trial order has been successful. I respect the designers and managers for this decision.

    2010-11-28 22:15:19 Siraj

    can you have a video chat on skype with this ePad: Android Tablet PC? [ANKAKA REPLIED] Yes. You can have a video chat on skype if you install a webcamera with this PC. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2010-11-28 22:08:08 andrea

    This product runs on wince 6.0 gps navigator!

    2010-11-18 08:35:02 Marcos

    uhmm well i didnt mean to call some one but just use the tablet... without using a sim card? is that possible? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Sure. You can use this tablet without sim card.

    2010-11-16 11:49:03 Uijtendaal

    Ankaka.com did an excellent job of order fulfillment. They responded to my emails and solved my problems quickly. Great site!

    2010-11-09 19:37:03 Dustin