Mini Cartoon Origami Rabbit Resonance Speaker

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    Mini Cartoon Origami Rabbit Resonance Speaker

    This speaker comes with a unique and stylish design. Its design is based off of origami and offers the unique image of an origami rabbit. It offers dual channel output to enhance the effects of the stereo. It has no loudspeaker, but can create sound by resonance though another medium or through contact with a surface. This resonance principle can still create strong, realistic sounds.

    Due to its passive radiator design, the sound retains its original quality. Listeners can enjoy an auditory feast from this gadget.

    Its small size makes it very easy to bring with wherever you go. It works well with laptops, desktop computers, cellphones, mp3/4 players. It makes a great match with any of them.

    Unique style.
    Selects passive radiator to make the perfect low frequency sound.
    Makes sound through resonance principle.
    High quality and competitive price.
    Two-channel output and passive radiator.

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Color:Blue and White
    Material: ABS Plastics
    Input alternating voltage:120V-250V
    Peak Power Output:2.5W
    Input Direct Voltage:5V
    Load Impedance:4Ω
    Frequency Response:200Hz~~15KHz
    Size: 13cm*8cm*12cm

    Package list:
    1 x Mini Cartoon Origami Rabbit Resonance Speaker
    1 x USB cable


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