Ankaka A1 Travel Pillow - Revolutionary, The Original H-shaped Pillow, Solves Other Pillows' Weaknesses, Tiny When Compressed Into A Bag

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    ✅REVOLUTIONARY ERGONOMIC DESIGN provides 360˚ support to the neck and head to help you be in total comfort and sleep.

    ✅COUNTLESS DENSITIES WERE TESTED to find the perfect balance between soft and support.

    ✅STAYS COOL: 4-leg H shape and high-quality material allow for far more air circulation compared to other travel pillows.

    ✅FOR MULTIPLE POSITIONS - Great for sleeping in reclined seats, also great for when lying face down because of the unique H-shaped design.

    ✅REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE COVER - Hypoallergenic. We are confident that you will love our travel pillow, but if you are not 100% satisfied, you can return the product for a full refund – no questions asked.

    Ankaka A1 Overcomes The CONS Of Traditional Travel Pillows

    plane pillow

    The BEST Travel Pillow

    • All-around support, especially from the lower back of the head for a natural, comfortable position.
    • We at Ankaka are the original maker of the H-shape travel pillow. We tested countless materials when designing to arrive at our A1 Pillow that provides the perfect balance between softness and support.
    • How to Use: Place your head between the 2 short legs, then adjust the 2 longer legs to sit on your shoulders.
    • It works best when the seat is reclined, such as on airplanes. It is NOT for sleeping fully upright. Please see the chart below.
    plane pillow Neck pillow travel pillows for airplanes neck support pillow


    • Easily compressed into a tiny bag (included),which is very small.
    kids travel pillow car pillow Airplane neck pillow memory foam travel pillow for kids

    For Multiple Positions:

    • Great for sleeping in reclined seats, also great for when lying face down because of the unique H-shaped design, which provides great air flow for your mouth/nose.
    • Unique H shape design is great for airflow, keeping you cool and cozy.

    airplane pillowneck pillow

    Ankaka A1Ankaka T2
    Great For Reclined Position
    Great For Fully Upright Position
    Neck SizesKids, **Short**, Medium, LongMedium, Long, **Extra Long**
    CoolingExcellent – Unique design shape allows for greater air flowAverage
    Removable/Washable Cover
    MaterialMemory FoamInflatable


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