Street Ninja 6.2 Inch Car DVD Player System with DVB-T and GPS - Dual Zone Functionality

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    Street Ninja 6.2 Inch Car DVD Player System with DVB-T and GPS - Improved software and hardware
    2-DIN (100 mm tall) auto disc and multimedia system with GPS navigator and DVB-T digital TV to turbocharge your in-car navigation, entertainment, and communication experience!

    After close to four years of bringing you top notch car DVD players, we're proud to introduce the all new Street Ninja series, an upgraded in-car total solution system inspired from all the models that have come before it with its improved software and hardware design.

    Why is it called The Street Ninja?Because it's built for the road, and like a Ninja it's the best at what it's meant to do namely turn your car into your personal headquarters on wheels.

    Improved Navigation: Nothing beats GPS for a better driving experience everytime! This car navigation system runs today's most popular GPS software like TomTom and Route66. The GPS enabled hardware is engineered for maximum speed performance and utilizes the WIN CE operating system to make driving stress-free. Depending on your choice of software, you'll have access to powerful features like: lane assist, voice guidance, 3-D views, intelligent route planning, points of interest (POI), real time traffic and weather data, map update and share, and emergency response to your location. Plus the CVGX-C35 also comes with a 3 meter GPS magnet antenna to significantly boost your GPS signal reception.

    Improved Entertainment: The Street Ninja 6.2 comes with everything you'll ever need from a car media system to keep you and your passengers entertained. It's powerful DVD disk player is region free meaning it can play DVDs from any country. What's more, you can play VCDs, SVCDs, and all your CDs too. If you download media from the Internet, you're covered there. Throw those TV shows, dramas, animes, and movies on a SD card or USB thumb drive and attach it to this baby! It handles the web's most popular video and audio file formats like MPEG 1/2, AVI, DIVX, XVID and MP3 with ease. Hook up your portable media player to the Street Ninja through the USB port or better yet, heighten your driving pleasure with access to your complete music collection by attaching your iPod to this car media system. Mile after mile, song after song, you'll enjoy the ride so much you just might forget to go home!

    Improved Communication: With its crystal clear 6.2 inch LCD touchscreen, The Street Ninja transforms you car into a home away from home. But it also has Bluetooth which means you've also got an office away from your office. The Bluetooth function allows you to have handsfree conversations with your callers and listen to them through your car stereo system. The upside is a safe and stress free drive all the time. A simple pairing with your mobile phone when you first climb into your car means you won't miss calls while you're on the road. You can still talk business with your colleagues or ask the wife what's for dinner, while keeping your eyes on the road at the same time. What a relief!

    Improved Extras:So what makes this model different from all the other GPS DVB-T car DVD systems out there?Two things mainly. User experience and attention to detail. If you've used car DVD systems in the past then you definitely notice an improvement with this unit. The user interface is much more responsive. Menus are more intuitive. And the Street Ninja is designed with true touchscreen functionality in mind - no dials or buttons, all controls have gone touchscreen virtual which makes the Street Ninja the car DVD equivalent of the Apple iPhone. Most importantly however, you get a lot of extras that makes this in-car solution stand heads and shoulders above the competition like better audio and video output control, dual zone functionality, tint adjustment, and it even comes with a free 2GB MicroSD card and evaluation GPS software!

    With our greater buying power, this DVB-T GPS car DVD player unit is our best priced, highest quality system yet! So don't delay! Hit that "Add to Cart" button right away! And pick one up for your sweet ride or a dozen for your online store. This amazing in-car total solution is brought to you by the leaders in online direct from China wholesale electronics - Ankaka.


    • Improved software and hardware
    • 6.2 inch LCD True Touchscreen
    • GPS and free magnetic antenna
    • DVB-T and free magnetic antenna
    • Free 2GB MicroSD card and evaluation GPS software
    • Dual Zone functionality
    • Best price, highest quality

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Primary Function: 2-DIN 6.2 Inch True Touchscreen Car DVD Player System with DVB-T and GPS Navigator
    • Disc Formats Supported: DVD, CD, VCD, CD-R/RW, CD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW
    • Media Formats Played:
      - Video: MPEG 1/2, AVI, DIVX, XVID
      - Audio: MP3, WMA
      - Picture: JPEG
    • External Memory:
      - USB Drive: YES (max 8 GB)
      - TF/ MicroSD Card: YES (max 8 GB)
    • Operation: Touch Screen or Remote Control

    • Display Information
      - Screen: 6.2 Inch TFT LCD
      - Resolution: 480 x 234
      - Angle: 0-90 (Motorized sliding display panel)
      - Video Systems: PAL, NTSC, AUTO

    • Audio Information:
      - Max Audio Output: 45W x 4
      - Signal-To-Noise Ratio (SNR): >85dB
      - User adjustable EQ: Bass, Treble, Balance, and Fade

    • GPS Information:
      - GUI Interface: YES - 3D type
      - Touchscreen Interface: YES
      - Operating Environment: WIN CE 5.0
      - GPS Menu Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Turkish, Thai, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese (Actual voice and display language depends on GPS software package)

    • DVB-T Information:
      - DVB-T receiving standard: MPEG-2
      - Automatic and Manual Search
      - Display: 16:9, 4:3
      - Tint: Blue, Green, Red
      - Format: Letter Box, Pan and Scan, Auto
      - Region Settings: England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Vietnam

    • AM/FM Radio Tuner Information:
      - AM Frequency Range: 522~1710KHz (Worldwide)
      - FM Tuning Range: 87.5~108.0MHz (Worldwide)
      - RDS System: YES

    • Bluetooth Information:
      - Pair with mobile phone - then use touchscreen interface
      - Dial, Answer, Stop Call
      - Call History (Dialed, Received, Missed)
      - Volume Control
      - Touchscreen Keypad
      - Pair with your cellphone and play music from your phone through your car speakers

    • Media Inputs:
      - DVD/CD disc slot (front)
      - SD/MMC card slot (front)
      - GPS microSD card slot (front)
      - Mini USB input (front)
      - AUX input (front)
      - GPS Antenna (rear)
      - DVB-T Antenna (rear)

    • Front Panel Controls:
      - DISC slot
      - Power Button
      - MIC
      - SD Card slot
      - GPS MicroSD card slot
      - Mini-USB Port
      - AUX IN
      - Reset Button
      - Remote Control Sensor
      - Mode Button
      - Band Button
      - Volume Adjustment
      - Mute Button
      - Eject Button
      - GPS/Stop
      - Tuning/Select Tracks
      - Play/Pause

    • Primary AV Cables / Wires:
      - DVB-T antenna port IN
      - GPS antenna port IN
      - Steering Wheel Control
      - iPod connector
      - Rearview CCD Camera IN
      - Video IN
      - Video OUT x2
      - Aux-L IN
      - Aux-R IN
      - Subwoofer
      - RCA Audio OUT x2 (front L and R)
      - RCA Audio OUT x2 (rear L and R)
      - Left Front Speaker x2
      - Right Front Speaker x2
      - Left Rear Speaker x2
      - Right Rear Speaker x2
    • Dimensions W: 176 mm H: 100 mm D: 150 mm (with front panel: 170 mm)
    • OSD Languages: English, Chinese
    • Certifications: CE, FCC
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleZIN8426LACD9

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • DVB-T does not work in North America - the United States, Canada, Mexico
    • This model is compatible with most brands of GPS software - however hardware specific software such as Garmin may not run on this unit. As the wholesaler, Ankaka provides the GPS-enabled hardware only, not the software. Ankaka provides no warranty or customer support regarding GPS software. Ankaka cannot provide downloads / links / advice regarding GPS software. Any software installation you undertake should be performed or supervised by a professional.
    • The USB port is a great way to hook up your portable media player with your car entertainment center
    • Connect your iPod to listen to your entire music collection on your car stereo system
    • Wonder if you can really do it yourself? Check this out -Information On Installing A Car DVD Player

    Package Contents for Model CVGX-C35

    • Car Multimedia Player
    • Remote Control with battery included
    • Free 2GB MicroSD Card with evaluation GPS software and maps
    • Magnetic GPS antenna with 300 cm cord
    • Magnetic DVB-T antenna with 300 cm cord
    • USB Extension Cable
    • iPod Cable
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Pen Stylus
    • Users Manual - English

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    • I'm 43, a husband and father of two small children. Is the Street Ninja too cool for my Toyota Corolla?
      Good question. We get this one a lot. Feel free to install the Street Ninja in your family car. You may find however that occasionally you'll feel like pumping up your tunes and revving your engine at stop lights. Other than that, go right ahead.
    • You mentioned that this product is compatible with iPods. Which versions will it work with?
      We tested iPod compatibility using a 3rd generation iPod Nano 4GB.
    • Your car DVD players are great, but the user manuals could do use some improvement. Any thoughts there?
      A lot of work has been put into making this user manual user friendly. The thing is though, this car DVD system is very intuitive so we're pretty sure you probably won't even need to read the user manual.
    • Does this cool in-car total solution support the Greek language?
      While the main menu system does not support the Greek language, the DVB-T system does however support the Greek language. What's more, if your GPS software comes in Greek then the GPS "Voice" and "Text" will be in Greek. Most popular GPS software titles come in a variety of languages. As for media playback with Greek subtitles, we suggest you download free software from the web to hardsub your Greek subtitles to your AVI files for video playback.
    • Is the magnetic base of the GPS antenna strong enough to be placed on a moving car?
      Yes, the antenna comes with a very powerful magnet. It'll stay stuck on despite the rockiest ride.
    • What GPS software comes with this car navigation powerhouse? Is it Route 66?
      Evalution GPS software is included, but purchasing your own GPS software is encouraged.
    • What type of music do you feel would be appropriate for this car stereo system?
      All music is good music. Yes, even country music. This system really likes playing hiphop though. If you're West Coast inclined then we suggest Tupac or NWA. If you're East Coast, then Notorious BIG or NAS would be your best bet.

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