Throat Mic for Walkie Talkies with Optional Mini Velcro PTT Button

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    Throat microphone

    • Compatible with Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Maxon, Vertex walkie talkies, and more
    • Works great with Ankaka's ZESQ-PG5118 and ZSB-J48
    • Cancels 90% of outside noise and picks up a whisper
    • Comfortable universal fit earbud
    • Modular design for quick repairs
    • One size fits all adjustable throat piece
    • Large PTT button with rotating clip
    • Comes with optional mini Velcro PTT button
    • High quality / heavy duty construction
    • Weatherproof design for harsh environments

    Crystal clear radio communication in the noisiest environments with this professional grade throat mic set.

    Traditional Mics Can Not Compete
    This military spec throat microphone (AKA laryngophone) picks up sound directly from your vocal chord vibrations and cancels out 90% of all background noise. This allows for crystal clear communication in loud environments such as construction sites, night clubs, while riding a motorcycle, driving a convertible car or while attending your favorite sporting event. Traditional microphones simply can not compete.

    Ultra Covert Operations
    The two ultra sensitive throat sensors are also able to pick up your slightest whispers as well. Making this throat mic perfect for use in covert applications such as paintballing, spy/detective work or military operations. And the transparent coiled acoustic tubing with earbud provides you with a low profile look while at the same time delivering high quality audio that only you can hear. This is the same exact technology the German and U.S. military use.

    Premium Grade Components
    This throat mic set offers premium thick gauge polyurethane wiring, heavy duty spring loaded 4 pin mini din connection points, high impact polycarbonate construction, and modular microphone cables- making field repairs quick and easy. This device also comes with a clip-on PTT button (push to talk) as well as a mini Velcro PTT button for quickly contacting other members of your party without having to touch your walkie talkie.

    One For All
    The neck piece of this throat mic set is fully adjustable so this one set can be used on people with thick or thin necks. This set also comes with all coiled cables to ensure no messy wires will be left hanging around. If you own a walkie talkie then make sure you order this throat mic set today as an extremely handy add-on accessory. The ZLB-A60 throat mic (laryngophone) set is in stock now and comes will a full 12 month guarantee.


    • Primary Function: Laryngophone Throat Microphone For Walkie Talkies
    • Connection Type: Circular 5 pin connector
    • Mic/Earphone Adapter Type: Dual jack 3.5mm and 2.5 mm
    • Compatible With: Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Maxon, Vertex, Ankaka's ZESQ - PG5118 and ZSB - J48, and more.
    • On Board Buttons:
      - Large PTT button with clip
      - Mini Velcro PTT button (optional)
    • Dimensions - Mini PTT Cable Length: 33 Inches
    • Dimensions - Throat Piece: Maximum Diameter 6 Inches
    • Dimensions - Mic Cable Length: 25 to 90 Inches(extendable)
    • Dimensions - Throat Piece Cable Length: 20 to 80 Inches (extendable)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALE3XD44LQP5GS

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • This product is water resistant and weather resistant and can withstand harsh environments. However, do not submerge this product under water for any period of time since it is not waterproof.

    Package List for Model ZLB - A60

    • Throat Mic with cable
    • Mini PTT Velcro button with cable
    • Mic cable with 2 jack walkie talkie connector

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Can I use different microphone/earpiece adapters with this product?
      Yes, as long as they use the same circular 5 pin connector.
    • Can I use this product with a cellphone?
      It depends. If you can find the appropriate adapters then it is possible.
    • Product Category:
      - Main = Security Equipment
      - Subcat = Security Devices
      - Group = Wholesale Security Devices


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    hi i am interested in this product but want to know if it is compatible with Motorola Talkabout MR355R or similar [Ankaka replied] Yes. This product is compatible with Motorola Talkabout MR355R and similar models.

    2012-10-05 02:36:10 JORGE

    hi: i would like to know the shippment charges and the time required for delivery of the product . the quantity we required is 2 pieces i'll be waiting for your reply. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please kindly notice that the shipping cost varies from country to country, and you can get the estimated shipping cost when checkout. As to the delivery time, it usually takes 4-9 days for shipping by express and 3-5 weeks by air mail, which also differs with country.

    2012-09-10 05:38:27 abbasali

    I would like to ask for information about your products as i am interested in selling these products in Colombia, South America. Currently, I am living in Spain but you would send your products to Cali city in Colombia, as well as the minimun order and the shipping costs. You could send me a list with prices at the wholesale. Also I wonder if there is the possibility of receiving a few samples of some of their articles and that conditions may send them. Thank you very much for receiving this e-mail and I hope a answer.[ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email a quotation.

    2012-08-08 19:41:49 Edier Salazar