Malata Zpad Dock: Docking Station For Malata Zpad T2 and viewsonic g tablet, HDMI output, USB, LAN Port

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    Malata Zpad Dock: Docking Station For Malata Zpad T2, HDMI output, USB, LAN Port

    This product is designed specially for Malata Zpad. It will add many additional ports for Malata Zpad, such as HDMI port, USB port and LAN port.

    High lights:
    Dock for Malata Zpad T2 (C399: )
    This product fits ViewSonic G tablet also
    Provide HDMI out
    Provide LAN port
    Provide USB port for the navigation keys
    Convenient and practical

    Manufacturer specifications:
    Power supply: AC 100-240V; DC 12V
    HDMI port: HDMI 1.2 output
    LAN port: 10M/100M Ethernet card
    USB port: USB 2.0

    Package list:
    1 x Malata Zpad Dock
    1 x user manual


        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    This is a very nicely built dock - small, solid, nicely finished - very unlike so many tablet and phone accessories out of China. It can hold tablet at a great angle and looks great. Tip: For those who receive this and are less familiar with Android networking, your going to want to use 'netcfg' to see what's going on with the ethernet interfaces - ifconfig will return with no error unless given an interface as an argument. Haven't found a good solution to the ethernet port enabling issues - must start/reboot on dock, with wireless disabled - which then means DNS isn't picked up from DHCP ... still working on that one. Using with latest Vegan ROM BTW. Overall great product, great price.

    2012-07-06 03:10:22 Colorado-NJ

    Does this docking station charge your g tablet also? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2012-05-27 23:52:52 Chongris

    hi Does this include a power supply? Mary [ANKAKA REPLIED]There is no charger attached to this dock.

    2012-05-07 14:53:07 Mary Ward

    You guys ROCK. Love you. Love the docks. Love your product. Love your service. I've been looking for a case for my Gtablets on your site. I didn't find one. The one I want works with the docks I just got from you. Everybody seems to be sold out. If you can, I need four (4) with same excellent shipping service you gave me for the docks. Be waiting for your quote. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email about the product you are looking for.

    2012-03-25 23:36:06 Rouli

    Amazing service! Received item in 2 days!

    2012-03-01 21:13:51 Ron

    wife loves it for Nettflix on her tablet.

    2012-02-17 20:51:20 tofer_zed

    I am unable to get ethernet working on dock with GTablet. Could you let me know which setting need to be changed? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This dock just acts as an adaptor. Pls check with your tablet's ethernet settings.

    2011-10-06 15:44:00 tarak

    I finally got received my ‘official’ Malata ZPAD Dock today and wanted to post for all to see. PLEASE BARE WITH ME on my review, the pics aren’t that great and I didn’t run a bunch of tests but I have most of the basic info that everyone is going to want to know. Feel free to ask questions and I will try to run additional tests for you. DOCK - HDMI Out, USB, LAN and power (no additional ac adapter supplied) – The quality is nice. The bottom of the dock has a rubber insert as to not scratch a table if moved around and as you may see from the pic there is a rubber insert where the tablet itself sits to protect it. The tab just drops on; pretty simple. With the ac adapter plugged in the tab does show that it’s charging. It sits at a rather upright angle (not straight up and down) so I would think that it’s something that you would NOT want to try type on without a keyboard on a regular basis, but it does seem pretty steady on there. USB – As you can tell from the pic it did recognize an 8 GB USB thumb drive that I had plugged into it. I did not get to test a USB keyboard and mouse as the ones that I have available didn’t work natively with the tablet so I didn’t even try with the dock (yet). LAN – Also in a pic, once plugged in the connection lights on the back started lighting up immediately. I turned off my WiFi and enabled the Ethernet in setting and it quickly got an IP and as you can see there is no longer an ‘x’ on the tablet LAN icon. I DID test the internet and all worked just fine. HDMI – plugged the HDMI in and hooked it up to a 32” and it popped right up. NOW the quality was grainy and I’m sure there may be a way to fix that but I just wanted to get you pics to show whether it worked or not. In the pics you can see my screen duplicated and I started a movie (which I will say the quality was much better in the movie that it replicating my home screens) All in all… I am extremely pleased and can’t wait to put it to use. The only KNOWN issue is that you have to have the gTab OFF when you put in on the dock to get the LAN to work (something about it obtaining DNS settings that the Dev's haven't worked through as of yet) Let me know what you think!

    2011-07-31 22:03:25 it2steve