Sauron - Japanese Inspired Red and Blue LED Watch

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    Sauron - Japanese Inspired LED Watch

    • Red and Blue LED lights
    • Unique way of telling the time
    • Normally sells for around USD200!
    • 3.14159265

    Hurry and buy your Sauron Japanese LED Watch today! After 60 days, this item will be sold with at a 4 MOQ (minimum order quantity)

    Behold The Sauron, the baddest Japanese LED watch since the Iron Samurai!

    Three watches for the Hackers with their amber screens: You grew up reading Clifford Stoll, Bruce Sterling, and William Gibson. That was a long time ago and you've exchanged your black hat for a white one. But when the manager at the video store charged you a late fee even though you were on 7 minutes in returning Two dust off your grey hat and rain almighty hell!

    Seven for the Cyberpunks in their streets of stone: You've watched GITS-SAC like 15 times and can quote The Matrix like scripture. You're a senior editor on and in your spare time you fansub since your Japanese is frawless (that is not a typo). It's no longer about Picard or Kirk, but you find yourself investigating deeper mysteries like whether Gillian Anderson would have made a better Clarice Starling in Hannibal had her X-Files contract not precluded her from playing an FBI agent in any other production.

    Nine for the Hipsters in their filthy jeans: The watch will become a part of you like the Venom symbiote. Unless of course you call upon Mr Fantastic and The Human Torch to help you as Spiderman did.

    One for the Youth Lord on his eternal throne: You've read Catcher in The Rye eleven times, the first 7 times with the old Burgundy softcover version, and the last 4 times with the redesigned white cover. Your favorite character is Ackley. Your least favorite character is Mr. Antonelli. For obvious reasons.

    Do you have what it takes to wear The Sauron? Press the top button and after some animation, you'll be shown some blue parallelograms. Each blue parallelogram equals 1 hour. Press the button again, and you'll be shown red parallelograms and red triangles. Each red parallelogram equals 5 minutes. Each red triangle equals 1 minute.

    Example: So 2 blue parallelograms, 2 red parallelograms, 1 red triangle equals what time? 2:11am.

    If you say yes, then let's get it on! When you wear The Sauron, you'll be granted extraordinary powers. Powers like sleeping while appearing to listen in meetings. Or getting the Office Printer to magically you can print off more manga scanlations to take home and read. Or telekinetically press the ALT-TAB buttons (this only works with the ALT-TAB buttons), so anyone walking by won't see you updating your Plenty of Fish profile.

    Brought to you by the merchants of cool - Ankaka.


    • Main Function: Japanese - inspired blue and red LED digital watch
    • Screen: Hexagonal - shaped
    • Bracelet:
      - Color: Entropic void
      - Material: Dark Paladin Armor
      - Length: ~ 170 mm with 12 segments for wrist adjustment
    • Clasp: Exclusive fold over lock design
    • Function Buttons (right - side):
      - Top (display)
      - Button (change)
    • Power: CR2016 (x1) pre - installed
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEFERMATSLAST77

    Notes from Manufacturers
    • Similar LED watches sell on the Internet for over 10x the Ankaka price, simply google "Japanese LED Watch" to see for yourself.
    • Press the top button to display the time on demand.
    • This watch is not waterproof

    Package List for AIZ - G296

    • Japanese LED Watch
    • User Manual - English

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • How do I change the time on this watch?
      Press the lower button on the right side of the watch. This will cause the current setting to blink. Continue pressing the lower button until you arrive at the setting you want to change. Next, press the top button to change the information.
    • What type of batteries does this watch use?
      This Japanese LED watch uses a single CR2016 watch battery. Other names this type of battery goes by are button cell, silver button cell, or coin cell batteries.
    • How long will the batteries last?
      The batteries should last longer than with a normal watch since time and date information is only displayed when you want.
    • Is this a Tokyo Flash watch?
      No, it is better because it costs almost 1/15th the price of a Tokyo Flash watch and is also backed by Ankaka's famous 12 month warranty.



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