Worldwide Laser Projector 150mW with Stereo Speakers + MP3 Player 1GB

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    150mW Laser Projector with Stereo Speakers and MP3 Player (1GB)

    • 150mW laser show projector in a hot red and green color
    • High quality and well balanced sound system with great bass
    • Built in 1GB of memory to store and play hundreds of MP3 files
    • Small and portable design with adjustable mounting bracket
    • Installation not necessary- simply place on a flat surface
    • Three modes: Automatic, still, or sound activated
    • Comes with handy remote control

    The perfect all-in-one party gadget.

    Transform the atmosphere of your next party or DJ event with this laser projector with Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers and MP3 Player. The 150mW lasers in this machine are powerful enough to project bright red and green laser patterns up to 25 meters away! This is perfect for installation in any indoor location and a great addition if you want to throw your own house party or rave. The small and portable design also comes with a mounting bracket which allows it to be placed anywhere you want. However, this is only the beginning of what this cool device has to offer.

    Real BIG Sound
    Despite its small size, the sound produced by this device is quite impressive. That's because the Hi-Fi stereo speakers are built using the latest high quality audio hardware from China. The result: detailed high range treble for excellent vocal clarity, great mid range quality for a well balanced and


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    Hi, you are writing above that this product should cost 49.18 but what i see is the price 51.99. Also I wanted to know whether the thing moves around(the whole contsruction, not only the lasers)so that I could expect to see the laser all over the place, like the floor and so on, too. And last thing I wanted to ask - I dont want to ship product that I ordered by express mail, the air mail would be just fine. However, it shows me only this option( and Im purchasing a lot of things). So that is also where my other question is going to-since I am the end user, I dont purchase more products from one type, on the other hand my whole order is now somewhere around 600 dollars. Plus the shipping costs, which gives me another almost hundred(btw. what does the "estimate" shipping cost mean, its not gonna be then like way more, is it??), is there then any chance to get any kind of a discount, maybe the shipping for free for example and like 10 % off? Im making such a big purchase at once just because I though Id have it cheaper if I do... Otherwise Im probably gonna change my mind and buy just like 1 product instead of these 16 im planning and Ill wait for the other ones to get cheaper. On the other hand if you are able to make me a good offer, thatll make me a happy customer willing to purchase more stuff in the further future(plus id sure tell my friends, too) =) [ANKAKA REPLY]Please send email to for information.

    2013-11-03 17:43:59 Erben

    Hello interested in the price with delivery in Russia 2 PCs Worldwide Laser Projector 150mW with Stereo Speakers + MP3 Player 2GB Alexander ... item#: AGF-LT14[ANKAKA REPLIED]We are delighted to let you know that the unit price of this product is $49.18, the price for two would be $98.36. The shipping cost to Russia would be $66.11 by express, which makes a total cost of $164.47.

    2012-09-28 13:14:15 Alexander

    I'm very happy with the laser projector I ordered. I have been searching everywhere and found it here. High quality but competitive price. Good job!

    2010-10-15 02:48:09 Andres S