4 Parking Sensor Radar for Rearviewing (Waterproof, Complete DIY Kit, Color LCD Display)

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    Parking Sensor Radar for Backup and Reversing (Waterproof, Complete DIY Kit, Color LCD Display)

    LCD Display Parking Sensor Radar for Backup and Reverse
    Easy installation into any car, truck or SUV
    Digital Colored LCD Display
    Advanced chipset for optimal detection and distance calculation
    Anti-freeze and rain proof design to work well under extreme weather conditions
    The system will automatically start up when reversing

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Rate Voltage:12V
    Operation Voltage range: 9-16V
    Rated Current: 20-200mA
    Detecting distance: 0-2.5m
    Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz
    Working temperature: -30~+70 degree

    Package List:
    1 x LED display monitor
    1 x Main control box
    4 x Parking sensor
    1 x Power cable
    1 x 22mm drill
    1 X English Manual

    Notes from Manufacturers
    • Parking sensor will automatically start when the vehicle is reversing.
    • Easy DIY installation, also no need for maintenance.
    • Precise detection up to 0.01m.
    • Water resistant, all weather design.
    • Does not run on battery power when the vehicle is parked and engine is switched off.
    • Instruction manual with installation illustrations and tips.

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service
    • Will this reverse parking sensor work in my specific make and model of car?
    Yes, the sensors were designed to fit perfectly in any vehicle.
    • Where should I install these parking sensors?
    Perfect installation relies on two factors: Position and angle. Both are extensively covered in the user manual, don't worry!


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    Fiz a compra deste aparelho e gostaria se possível me mandarem na cor cinza, obrigado [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please make a comment with your order or email us for any special requirements.

    2012-07-25 07:34:53 Carlos Emanuel de Sousa

    Szia. Szinre festhető a senzor? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This parking sensor has digital colored LCD display and will automatically start when the vehicle is reversing.

    2011-05-25 17:30:16 Pető

    It’s really cool! I received my order today in Russia. The shipping was good, the product is intact, with all its items. My item is fully functioning now. I'm satisfied. Thanks a lot.

    2010-11-15 00:42:13 Christopher