Stylish Digital Display Mirror LED Watch with Rubber Strap - White

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    Stylish Digital Display Mirror LED Watch with Rubber Strap - White

    This mirror LED watch is stylish and cool.  Its straps are made of 100% comfortable silicone and the case is sturdy stainless steel.  The style of this watch looks different and attractive; it would draw attentions from passers-by when one is wearing it.  Also, the LED watch emits red light, which makes one easier to see the time under the glare from the sun.  Other than act as a regular watch, timer, the reflective surface can be used as a mirror, easy and convenient.  If you are into fashion and cool stuff, this is a must-have item!

    Unisex and digital display
    Time and Date function
    Reflective surface is perfect for girls
    Stylish, fashionable and cool design
    Unique red LED watch

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Main Function: Mirror LED Watch with Digital Display and Rubber Strap
    Watch Face Material: alloy
    Watch Face: 40×38mm
    -Material: silicone
    - Length: 220mm
    Strap Segments / Holes: 10
    Strap Segment Length / Hole distance: 4mm
    Clasp design: strap in
    Function Buttons (right-side):
    - Top (hour and date display + select)
    - Button (change mode)
    Settings: Time, Date
    Movement: JIS Battery pre-installed

    Ankaka Wholesale Ref.: eroiuemvanafdatyl

    Package list:
    1 x Stylish Digital Display Mirror LED Watch with Rubber Strap - White
    1 x English Manual


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    hi, i bought the LED watch item#: B11202 and i can't work out how to change the date on it. please advise. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Let us name the top right button as "B" and the bottom right button as "C". Firstly press B to show the time then press C. The hour will flicker accordingly. You can press B again to adjust the hour. If it does not need adjustment, you can press C again, the minute will flicker. If you want to adjust the date, you can press C once more. The date would flicker for adjustment. Pls kindly have a try. If there is anything else unclear, pls kindly let us know. Thanks.

    2012-03-01 01:23:42 Christian