LED Faucet Light - Temperature Sensitive

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    LED Faucet Light. Cool Gadget 

    • Color changing, temperature sensitive water faucet head with LED Light
    • Creative way to make your bathroom or kitchen a little more interesting
    • Uses the water pressure to power the light - no need for batteries

    LED color changing faucet head with HOT, WARM, COLD water detection colors.

    This faucet head will change color with the temperature of the water, ensuring you know by sight exactly what to expect before you wash your hands, brush your teeth, shave, or wash fruits and vegetables. Great for using on both new or old faucets in kitchens and bathrooms, this faucet light can be appreciated for both its usefulness and fun.

    Bathroom, Kitchen and other home remodeling projects are becoming very popular with young couples. Improving the look and feel of a home by spending a little money on improved lighting and water fixtures is a great way for everyone to make their daily life feel more upbeat and interesting. In the next few years as people look to improve their homes instead of going on expensive trips, products like this LED Faucet Light are sure to be very popular. We recommend you feature this in your retail or webshop for some easy sales. As always, it is stocked in our warehouse for shipment within 24-hours of your order. From your home of China Wholesale Electronics, ankaka!

    China Specifications

    • Primary Function: Faucet head with water temperature indicating LED light
    • Faucet Head Colors/Temperature
      - GREEN; <=29 deg C
      - BLUE; 30-38 deg C
      - RED; >39 deg C
    • Primary Material: Aluminum with chromium plating
    • Fitting Size: Fits 24.4mm and 21.8mm diameter faucets (3/4 and 1 inch). Please note that an extra male/female threaded adapter may be required for some faucet installations. This should be bought separately from your local hardware store.
    • Dimensions: 30mm x 64mm (diameter x height)
    • Certification: CE, CCC, RoHS
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEZ9H0B0LSREOY

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Uses the water pressure to power the light - no need for batteries.
    • Easy retrofit installation, just twist off your existing faucet head and replace with the new one
    • Did you think you couldn't make something like your water faucet fun? Well, when water runs through this one, it lights up! A treat for both the young and old alike.
    • Please note that an extra male/female threaded adapter may be required for some faucet brands. This needs to be bought separately from your local hardware store.

    Package List

    • Model ACL-LT06 LED faucet light
    • Universal Threaded Adapter

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • I live in Brazil, will this work for me?
      It works with 3/4 inch water connections, which are the standard used throughout most of the world. This model does not come with a threaded connector, so if your faucet does not have a male connection then you may need to buy a threaded nipple / universal threaded adapter from your local hardware store.
    • Can I use it outdoors?
      It is meant for indoor use.

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