3-in-1 DIY Solar Transforming Robot Educational Toy

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    3-in-1 DIY Solar Transforming Robot Educational Toy

    This is an educational toy that children can assemble into a robot, tank or scorpion. As well as being lots of fun for curious-minded children, it is also solar-powered and works in the sun without requiring a battery. All the children have to do is take it outside and the toy will move due to the solar panel.

    While the children are having fun and being creative with this clever gadget, it also teaches them about energy subliminally. What a great toy to combine science and play in the study of the solar energy process!

    3-in-1 Transforming Robot
    3 different modes
    Solar panel
    Can move with solar power
    Educational toy

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Material: Plastic
    Three different Modes: Robot, Tank, Scorpion
    Solar battery life-span: 3-5 years
    Solar panel output: 75mAh
    Generator: 12000prm (Rpm/sec)
    Direct current: 1.2V
    Suitable for: Ages 10+
    Material: Durable plastics

    Package list:
    1 x 3 in 1 DIY Solar Transformming Robot Educational Toy
    1 x User Manual in English


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    The solar Robatic toy is useful to create awareness in children about solar power and its application through this type of small activities

    2012-12-17 22:45:29 mathavan