1/3 Coler CCD Image Capturing Dome IP Camera, 420TV Line

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    The all new 1/3 Color CCD sensor camera has become a professional choice for all your surveillance needs. This dome camera is designed in such a way that it supports both PAL and NTSC outputs. It also features static as well as dynamic combination to offer solid images of videos and photos. This security camera also includes various options for video adjustments, such as hue, saturation, brightness and contrast. You can also find other adjustments, such as auto white balance, auto exposure and auto gain control. The 1-8X zoom technology offers crystal clear clarity of images and video streaming. The CCD features good durability and long life. The unique dome design makes it easy to mount at any indoor location you prefer and consumes very less power. You can install it easily as it comes with an English manual and plug in to make it work.


    1/3 Color CCD Sensor
    Support Both PAL and NTSC Output
    Static/Dynamic 4096, Dynamic Dead Pixel Compensation
    Color Rolling Suppression
    Inhibition of Respiratory

    Manufacturer Specifications:

    Image Sensor: 1/3 Color CCD Sensor
    Resolution: 420TV Line
    System: PAL/NTSC
    Minimum Illumination: 0.001 LUX
    Shutter Speed: up to 1/100000 Second
    Video Adjustment: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue
    Auto Exposure: Yes
    Auto White Balance: Yes
    Auto Gain Control: Yes
    2DNR: Yes
    3DNR: Yes
    Enhance WDR: Digital WDR
    Digital Zoom: 1-8 X
    Auto Iris: Yes
    Ankaka Wholesale Ref.: Wholesale KLJLIUOSADJAFLK

    Package List:

    1 x 1/3 Color CCD Sensor Face Capturing Dome IP Camera, 420TV Line
    1 x Charger
    1 x English Manual

    1/3 Coler CCD Sensor

    1/3 Coler CCD Sensor

    Static/Dynamic 4096, Dynamic Dead Pixel Compensation

    Static/Dynamic 4096, Dynamic Dead Pixel Compensation


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