Waterproof 2.0MP 30fps High Definition 640x480 Spy Fashion Watch Digital Video Recorder with Hidden Camera - 8GB

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    Spy cameras have been in use for a long time and numerous companies all over the world have created different types of such cameras to fulfill their spy needs. The waterproof HD Spy Fashion Watch with its cutting-edge technology is the first of its kind in the world. The camera is in the form of a wrist watch with high-end properties. It is waterproof for 30 meters underwater. Its pinhole lens enable recording pictures and HD videos with ease without anybody's notice. The recorded data is automatically saved in its internal 8GB memory. It is equipped with real time clock display.  The camera has a battery capacity of 280mAh and working time of up to 115 minutes.

    The spy camera has its own operating system and mainstream audio video playback software. The camera comes with a USB cable and an English user manual for ease of use. So if you are looking for the perfect spy camera, this one is definitely right for you.


    3 degrees waterproof (30 meters underwater. But you are not supposed to use this watch as a diving watch. )
    HD 640 * 480, 30FPS
    8GB flash memory
    Digital Video Camera
    Great as a spy watch!

    Manufacturer Specifications:

    Primary Function Spy DVR Watch, HD-DV Watch
    Memory: 8GB Built-in Memory
    Video Record Format: AVI
    Picture pixel: 2.0 mega pixel
    Sensor: CMOS Sensor
    Recommended Video Range for Objects: up to 8 meters
    Built-in MIC: YES
    Recommended Audio Range for Objects: up to 3 meters
    Power Source: Built in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
    Battery capacity: 280mAh
    Battery Life for DVR: up to 115 Minutes (when full charged)
    Battery Life for Watch Quartz: up to 3 years
    Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7, MAC OS, Linux 2.4.2 and later
    Dimensions: 20x5mm; Watch strap is designed to adjust to most wrist sizes
    Construction: Plastic
    Ankaka Wholesale Ref.: Wholesale LKFDLGSAJKDFSJ
    Catalog Ref.: Portable Surveillance Video camera, Hidden Video and Audio Recorder

    Notes from Manufacturers:

    Looks very stylish and fashable. Will go well with both smart and casual wear
    Easy recording start and stop
    Can also be used as portable USB flash drive

    Package List:

    1 x 8GB Waterproof 30fps HD Spy watch camera DVR
    1 x USB cable
    1 x User Manual - English

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    if having problem with charging, please follow these steps:

    1. reset 

    2. wait for 0.5 hour 

    3. Then charge for 4 hours.

    Does this spy watch also record audio?
    What is the best recommended range for audio recording?
    To record clear audio, the closer the better. Works great for interviews. Your best quality recordings will be within 1.5 meters.
    How many hours of footage can I store on the 8 GB's of flash memory The spy camera wrist watch can store up to 13 hours of video with audio.


        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    I just bought this watch, and it looks nice but it's impossible to get it to turn ON, when i press down the button, it just does nothing, and when i plug the watch to a computer it is recognized and charges, but when i unplug it i can't start it, do you have an explanation ? [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2014-01-14 22:40:02 Joe

    Hi there, I have recently bought a watch similar to this, and I just have an enquiry that was not covered by the manual received, that I was hoping you may be able to answer for me.. As supplier is non-responsive. The basic video recording features work fine, fully charged and not an issue. However the clock feature(analog) does not.. I guess my question is, do these type of watch's run x2 batteries? 1 for the analog clock as per regular watches and 1 rechargeable battery for the video recording features? Or does this watch just suck.....? Thank you for any assistance [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2014-01-06 02:00:46 Renea

    Kindly letme know that how much this watch record time in 8 GB memory card. And what is good resolution for recording in this watch. [ANKAKA REPLIED] The item takes 1-2 hours.

    2014-01-03 22:42:01 Akshay Bhatia

    I've had this watch for a few years now and it's great, but is there any way I can replace the batteries? The watch battery is dead and the camera battery won't hold a charge. [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2014-01-02 23:11:45 Lane Engle

    hi when i connect it to the computer that is fine it comes up with removable disc f it asks me to format i do this and is stops and says read only file turned on there is any way of changing this [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please reset your item and try it again or email us sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2013-11-21 12:42:32 david

    Sorry,there is a problem. The watch could operate well in the past. but now when i push the button , the blue light doesn't occur. and all of functions of the watch are not able to be used. strangely,when i connect my watch to my pc though usb, the blue and red light flash. [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2013-11-20 21:41:11 PAKHEI

    Can I order this watch & pay COD and please let me know that for how much time this watch can record the videos and when battery life will stop working from where i can buy and repair this watch in Delhi, India. Please let me know on mail or call me +919899477099 [ANKAKA REPLIED]We have this item in stock but no branch in India, please order from our website directly. It can record video for 115 minutes and the battery life is up to 3 years. More information please email us to sale@ankaka.com and include the item number with your inquiry.

    2013-11-12 00:18:50 Akshay Bhatia

    A have this problem: I can't download files on PC. When I plug in watch into USB slot, I see next files: pmp_usb, time, winmap_metadata.dat and winmap_metadata.idx. I filmed 16 files but no one is on the list. In "property" a can see that there is 16 filmed files and that they occupy 1,6 GB, but a can't see them and do not have any aproach to them allthough ttey are obviousliy in the memory of the watch. Please, give me instructions or some more usefull user manual for this product. Thanks! [ANKAKA REPLY]Please send email to sale@ankaka.com for information.

    2013-11-04 06:49:32 Mario Basic

    what about warranty period? what are covered by warranty? does it mean i have to pay shipment for defective product?[ANKAKA REPLIED]We provide 12 Month Warranty: http://support.ankaka.com/faq/12-month-warranty/

    2013-09-23 05:51:24 antoia

    How can i change the video resulation ? It's recording at 640*480.[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email sale@ankaka.com and include your order number.

    2013-09-09 10:07:52 buddikaky

    bought this watch when power button is pressed red light blinks about 6 times and goes of f is notice nothing happens after is this how it should work?[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please contact sale@ankaka.com and include your order number.

    2013-09-03 12:02:43 joel links

    Hi, I got my watch 2 days ago. I cannot set the time stamped on the video and camera to the actual time the video was recorded. Also, I want to ask about the usefulness of the compass part of the watch.[ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2013-08-24 10:41:09 felix

    how to watch the video and the pics that i took? [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2013-07-29 02:45:00 SiGempak

    I want to buy this watch, so could you please tell me how I can get it? I am from Cambodia (Phnom Penh).[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please directly order online.

    2013-07-25 05:38:23 New Customer

    I want to buy this watch and I don't have PayPal, so could I buy by visa? And how can I get it if I am in Phnom Penh (Cambodia).[ANKAKA REPLIED]How to pay: http://www.ankaka.com/page.html?id=19

    2013-07-25 05:36:05 New Customer

    Charging problum of spy digital video watch (china) [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2013-07-12 05:15:56 nasir

    I received the watch a few days ago. - good quality, nothing missing, easy to use/apply, good quality of images/videos. Conclusion: Fast delivery, you get what you pay for. Therefore: recommendable Source. Thank you [ANKAKA REPLIED]Look forward to your order in the future.

    2013-07-03 19:51:21 Philip

    hi I connect the watch to my computer via USB and nothing happing plz how do I get to open and download the photo's and video..ive watch many you tube video's to try work it out but no joy so far ty....[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please contact sale@ankaka.com and include your order number.

    2013-06-29 04:42:12 glenn

    How can I get this o'clock? I am now in Turkey [ANKAKA REPLY]Please go to the below link to place order. We ship globally. http://www.ankaka.com/waterproof-20mp-30fps-high-definition-1280x960-spy-fashion-watch-digital-video-recorder-with-hidden-camera-8gb_p46357.html

    2013-06-25 04:32:37 Maxim Zams

    how to send to indonesia [ANKAKA REPLY]Air Mail takes 15-60 days and Express like DHL takes 3-7 days.

    2013-06-22 07:19:03 yudha

    When i charge my watch i see a red color flashing and i have left it like that for a while, how am i suppose to know when its done charging? [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2013-06-20 17:00:48 Sammy Awada

    How can i change the video and photo resolution? Is that possible?[ANKAKA REPLIED] The resolution can not be adjusted.

    2013-05-24 09:27:58 john

    How can i change the video resulation ? It's recording at 640*480.[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email sale@ankaka.com and inlcude your order number.

    2013-04-27 16:44:42 Owner

    I've been trying to get this to record but all i get is audio files and pictures... if you can please help me out with this thing [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email sale@ankaka.com and include your order number.

    2013-04-21 19:46:24 miguel

    I bought my watch recently but when I record video, it only records video for 2 minutes and stops recording by itself. You mentioned it is possible to record for 70 minutes for 8GB. Also, if I press record and I forgot of stop the recording, will it automatically save the video file before the battery runs out? Please advise.[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email sale@ankaka.com and include your order number.

    2013-04-14 01:44:13 Radiance

    this watch is awesome,,, i got it and it looks perfect, i bought it in 2011. and i am using it untill now, no errors no problems.. thanks ankaka for this item :))

    2013-04-02 02:36:17 kharoufeh

    I just received this watch in the mail. I charged the battery for four hours. Still, nothing happens when I push the button to turn the camera/video recorder on. No lights, nothing. Any help is appreciated.[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email sale@ankaka.com and include your order number.

    2013-03-30 23:59:10 Amy

    can I add this watch to my order to come all together [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email sale@ankaka.com for order change.

    2013-03-29 22:23:37 fiaa8869

    Hello, I purchased this spy watch from your parent company lightinthe box.com in 2010. I now have a purpose for this spy watch besides the novelty aspect of it and I lost the instructions. Lightinthebox.com no longer carries this product. Can you guys possibly email instructions on how to charge this thing? [ANKAKA REPLIED]We don't have any parent company. Please provide your order number with inquiry.

    2013-03-29 21:57:49 Michael Watts

    helo', i am from israel when i conect my wathc to the computer i always get this messege: "usb device not recognized" what can i do to see my photos and video thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2013-01-12 13:38:52 moshe mazuz

    Can someone help me i lost CD and i need to download driver somewhere and i dont know where...?[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please kindly notice that driver installation is not necessary for windows system above Windows 98.

    2012-12-15 17:04:48 andi1234

    How much is this watch and were can I buy it? Also, will the watch tell time after the video battery dies? How do you recharge the battery?[ANKAKA REPLIED]We are delighted to let you know that the unit price of this item is $21.59, you can make your order directly on our website, we offer worldwide shippping. Also, the watch won't keep telling time after the battery dies. You can charger the battery by connecting it to computer. Here is our order guide: http://www.ankaka.com/page.html?id=24 Wish you a nice shopping at ankaka.

    2012-12-06 18:09:05 Bruce

    How do I reset the time for the overlay time stamps? Need to support proof of when it was taken.[ANKAKA REPLIED]There will be a programme which can help set the time on your own. You just need to following the steps below: 1 Connecting the watch to the computer; 2 Open WriteTime.exe program; 3 Click Start Update" button; 4 Click "OK" buttonshow when it shows "West Tower system time update is complete"; 5 Cut the USB connection; 6 When turned on again, the local system time is automatically set to the same time with the computer.

    2012-11-17 03:20:31 Ryan

    Hi, does this watch have swivel camera? If not, do you have one with swivel camera taking video in any position? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Sorry to let you know that this product doesn't have a swivel camera, we recommend you the one in the following link: http://www.ankaka.com/ip-surveillance-camera-with-angle-control-and-motion-detection-nightvision_p9.html There are also some other similar products in the following link: http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-security-cameras_c10089

    2012-10-11 03:13:25 eli itzhaik

    mine didnt come with disc do i need it? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2012-07-23 12:27:07 todd

    Hello, I recently purchased this watch. I can only get the watch to run on a computer that runs windows xp. My computer runs on windows 7 so I can't see my videos. I have the disc that came in the box with the watch but it is in Japinese or Chinises. Can you help me figure this out? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please contact sale@ankaka.coma and include your order number.We will help you solve the issue.

    2012-07-18 03:01:19 Samuel Reyna

    is there a sample video recorded by the watch available? Thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]We will post a sample video on our site soon.

    2012-06-14 11:42:02 jack

    When i connect it to my computer (windows 7 64 bit) it only appears a .wav file on the video files, only sound, no image. Can I fix it? or is it broken? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please contact sale@ankaka.com and include your order number.

    2012-06-12 17:09:01 Rández Romón

    My watch takes pictures just fine, and records video too. When I play the video, it freezes through the duration of the video. Is there a way to fix this problem? Please help! [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email sale@ankaka.com and include your order number.

    2012-06-05 08:21:33 Lavoy

    Hi got this watch today and when I try to bend on my hand first time belt break from head like from near watch now what should I do ? Can u replace for me ? Thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please contact sale@ankaka.com for the watch band replacement and include your order number.

    2012-05-21 09:38:28 Sanjay

    Would I be able to purchase extra microfone and USB jack waterprrof covers foir this watch? [ANKAKA REPLIED]If possible, you can place order for another product on our site. Then we can send the microphone cover and waterproof cover with your order together.

    2012-04-29 19:56:07 Massa

    Does this work with window 7 64 bit? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. It can work with windows 7 64 bit.

    2012-04-13 21:27:41 Mike

    I purchased two of your Waterproof 2.0MP 30fps High Definition 1280x960 Spy Fashion Watch Digital Video Recorder with Hidden Camera - 8GB It came with a tiny disk that does not work on any computer, I need the drivers, I cannot set the time on recording. Can you please help me.... I tried everything. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email at sale@ankaka.com with your order number. Thanks.

    2012-03-26 12:37:46 Dan Underwood

    Hey i just bought this watch and it works amazingly. I have to ask, is there any way to delete videos from the watch itself? [ANKAKA REPLIED]You only can detele videos on computer via USB cable.

    2012-03-22 17:01:29 Bob

    Can anyone tell me how to set/reset date shown on pictures?? Other than that all else appears ok... Sam [ANKAKA REPLIED]The video recorder provides the function to display the video record time in video file, you can set time and the time display or not according to actual needs; the time display format: year.month.Day Hours:minutes:seconds, setup timesare as follows: a. Turn off the camera-->to connect the computer-->open the removable disk-->click the right mouse button on blank space of the root directory of the device-->move the cursor on "new" option of the pop-up menu-->select"text document"-->named "time" to the text ducument, need to pay attention to its extension name is ".txt"-->completion of setting up time file; you can set up in accordance with the above steps on your desktop, other disk partition, under the other folder and then copy to a removable disk root directory.

    2012-02-16 21:41:34 Sam

    i ordered a watch from you guys about 9 months ago and i cant take pictures/video because the button is not having a good connection in the housing and i was wondering if there is anything you can do.i do not know if i still have my order form.thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please let us know your order number and send the problem details to our email address sale@ankaka.com. We will solve the problem for your soon.

    2012-02-16 14:28:15 luk

    I have a problem, when i am trying to turn it on it starts blinking and than stops, but it is not in a video mode. I think maybe the battery is run off, but i am charging it almost all day and it still doesnt work? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email your order number and product problem details to sale@ankaka.com. We will fix the problem for you soon.

    2012-02-11 13:08:57 garfild

    I like to buy this 8G DVR watch . but want to know what's the maximum continuous recordable time? Since it's 1280x960 high resolution, I am afraid I can't record up to 115 Minutes(when full charged). Please clarify. Thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]It supports about 70 minutes recording time after being fully charged.

    2012-01-14 21:23:34 paing

    Hi, i've bought a watch but when i connect to my pc it only shows the watch as a removable disc. I've installed the driver as told in the manual. I can't see any of the folders _rec or 100media. Has anyone have a solution? [ANKAKA REPLIED]There might be something wrong with the driver. Pls email sale@ankaka.com for the compatible driver and include your order number.

    2012-01-10 04:21:07 Francisco

    Hi, I've bought this watch from a reseller of ankaka. I've lost the driver CD. Can you help me with the drivers for windows 5? Thank you in advance for your help and I wish you many good businesses in 2012. Kind regards Geoffrey [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email sale@ankaka.com for the drivers and include your order number.

    2012-01-02 10:08:21 Geoffrey

    Is that correct that this watch is not USB 2.0 compatible and also not with Windows 7 thx for a response kind regards [ANKAKA REPLIED]It comes with USB2.0 port and supports Wins 7 OS.

    2011-12-09 15:01:34 Guer

    do you have available battery for spy watch cam?how much? and how do i change the battery? [ANKAKA REPLIED]The battery is pre-installed and rechargeable. You don't need to change the battery.

    2011-11-04 12:48:21 New Customer

    my computer cant read my watch tried xp, me,windows7 noting works plz help [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls install the driver in the disc first.

    2011-10-29 10:35:01 john

    Hi, I really need help, I am having difficulties opening the USb bit on the watch, how do you do it?? Thanks in advance [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please turn around the nuts aside and you can see the USB ports.

    2011-10-23 14:29:26 felicity

    hello, i am just buy your watch and i need you to send me by mail copy of the manual of the watch with all details please best regardes ali hassan [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email sale@ankaka.com for the e-manual. Please include your order number.

    2011-08-24 20:39:24 ali hassan

    Hi I have a question. What happens when this watch will be kept (digital watch video) underwater for about 1.5 meters deep in sea water but without a closed microphone? Then ready for loading of dry and not under water? Will the record destroyed? Will watch destroyed? Or how long it will be completely destroyed notes of this underwater? Thanks for the info :-) [ANKAKA REPLIED]The watch will be damaged if you place it under water for a long time. Pls try to avoid to operate it under water for more than 5mins.

    2011-08-08 13:45:01 Edar

    Hello i bought this watch but i have one problem it records on 640x480 resolution instead of 1280x960 is any way to change the resolution? [ANKAKA REPLIED]The pre-installed video record resolution is 1280x960. Pls email sale@ankaka.com for a replacement if yours is 640x480.

    2011-07-16 06:08:21 lef

    Hi I recently purchased the 8GB Spy Watch. I can get it to take pictures and audio but can't figure out how to get it to take video which is the whole reason I purchased this watch!!! If you could give me a more thorough instruction on how to take video it would be greatly appreciated and you would make a happy customer rather then a disgruntled one. [ANKAKA REPLIED]When it turns on,please press the operation key for two seconds,it will be at the status of taking video.At this status,the red light shines. Pls email sale@ankaka.com with your order # for the English manual.

    2011-06-10 09:38:48 Dave Blaze

    I bought the watch but when I plug it into your computer is not detecting the clock What should I do? I'd love an answer thanks. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls install the driver in the disk first.

    2011-05-22 11:17:56 ivgi

    Hi. My watch does not turn on. There is no red light. I charged it over night. How can I start the recording? I watched the videos nothing has been working. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls connect the watch to a PC, then it'll charge by itself. The red light shines slowly when charging. If it refuses to work, pls make a short video and send it to sale@ankaka.com for solution.

    2011-05-16 12:05:53 mike

    hi, i just bought this watch the photos seem to work fine but the camcorder does not seem to record after the light flashes three times> please help> thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]You need to install the driver in the disk attached first.

    2011-05-16 04:11:27 abdul

    I bought this watch and installed the driver on my PC. The playback video recording is split diagonally by a line - the left side of the picture is displayed on the right hand side of the screen, and the right side of the picture is displayed on the left hand side. The supplier hasn`nt responded as yet to my problem. Does anyone know the manufacturer details so I can try them for a solution? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls make some photos and sent them to sale@ankaka.com for solution.Pleaes include your order number with the inquiry.

    2011-05-14 09:58:36 Bryan Griffiths

    My watch arrived yesterday & it was great out the box, just needed a downloadable manual if possible & help with fixing the time stamp for my pics & video... Should I record & use this in court the time stamp will be crucial. [ANKAKA REPLIED]There is time setting instruction in the disc attached to this watch. Please kindly follow the instruction.

    2011-04-19 12:10:46 Flowers

    When i plug into my computer Noting happened. I have tried to choose other usb port but still noting. later, I found the problem. It was my Bluetooth USB keybord. When i Put this Usb To the back siite from my computer and the camera usb at the front . It will works :) So the problem has been fixed. I'd like to share my experiences with all ankaka customers.Also, ankaka's price is the lowest on the internet.

    2011-04-14 02:51:30 nancy

    I just got my watch and have no idea how to download the files. I have connected the usb cable, but the watch is not detected. Do I have to follow any specific procedures? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email sale@ankaka.com with your order # for solution. Tks!

    2011-04-09 14:38:10 Jiju Sreedhar

    I just got one of these. When i connect the watch to the pc with the usb cable, the computer does not recognize the removable disk! HELP! [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and provide more information we will help you resolve the issue. Tks!

    2011-03-26 08:34:52 Matheus

    how to reset my watch ? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls refer to the manual attached to recover it to the factory state. TKS!

    2011-03-18 19:24:20 Hatem

    Hi, thank you fo this geat product. How can I adjust the watch time, hours and miutes ? thank you for hep [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please refer to the video instruction. Thanks.

    2011-03-11 16:56:31 Hatem

    I Just bought the spy watch DR-708 from a greek seller and canot fix the time of the watch there are no instructions. Please informe how to fix the time. Thanks! [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email sale@ankaka.com with your order #, then we will attach you an electronic manual. Tks!

    2011-03-06 18:32:31 Costas Lagadinos

    The quality of recording video is very bad - it's terrible. Resolution and lighting disaster. Microphone too low and quite. I don't like this вуаусе watch. [ANKAKA REPLIED]The video of this watch is adjustable. Please contact sale@ankaka.com to show us your sample video and we will guide you how to adjust the watch.

    2011-02-26 16:56:39 Andrew

    how long is continuous video recording? over an hour? [ANKAKA REPLIED:] It has 8G. So as long as you has free space, it can keep on recording.

    2011-01-28 20:34:47 Ellis

    My watch just arrived. Do I need to charge, how long does it take to fully charge and how can I know if it is full charge? [ANKAKA REPLIED]You can charge it using the charger included. The light color will change after fully charge.

    2011-01-19 08:26:08 Chian Meng

    hello, when I plug the PC clock, the PC did not detect anything and I can not get the videos, because I do not detect the pc clock? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email sale@ankaka.com and provide more information we will help you resolve the issue.

    2011-01-15 05:21:39 tapia alonso

    I can't change the time in anyway? [ANKAKA REPLIED]: There are two ways to reset the time. One is to follow the instructions on the manual attached to you; the other one is to reset by hands. (Drag the middle right button out with slight power; then turn it round and adjust the time you need.)

    2010-12-10 23:16:13 navid

    Watch just arrived in the mail, working well so far. Is there a way to change the time stamp in the pictures/video, also, does the compass ring around the clock face do anything besides click when I turn it? Thanks. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please contact sale@ankaka.com for product question and please view the instruction video for more detail.Thanks for your inquiry.

    2010-11-26 14:22:25 Jared

    how much is this waterproof watch and how can i buy. [ANKAKA REPLIED] We have listed the price for different quantities. Please follow our order guide for purchasing. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2010-11-19 05:45:01 elmar guitering

    Can the battery be charged or do I have to replace the battery and if so where do I get the battery [ANKAKA REPLIED] This battery is chargable. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2010-10-18 10:49:49 Tim

    is there any place to download for mac, the disc that comes with the watch is not working. [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please contact our customer service and state your order number. We will send you the software you need. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2010-09-21 18:50:44 Gary

    Hi, Do you have any sample movie which recorded by this watch? Thanks. [ANKAKA REPLIED] We will upload a sample movie as soon as possible. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2010-08-20 06:02:09 Alan

    Does this product have any additional slot or card for micro SD, and what is the transfer rate from watch to pc ( i mean USB transfer rate ) [ANKAKA REPLIED]The current one we doesn't have slot for micro SD. The waterproof function will be impaired if with slot design. This watch is with USB 2.0(hs). Thanks for your inquiry.

    2010-08-09 19:18:52 nathan

    soo nice please tell me for new about anything by my e-mail and i want to know how i can to buy this watch thanks

    2010-07-04 14:17:53 mizo

    Seems like a great product. One question: when it turns into video mode, do all lights turn off after blinking three times (like seen in the video)? or does a constant or blinking light stays like in picture mode? Thanks for a quick reply here. Mike [ANKAKA REPLY] The lights will turn off after blinking of course.Thanks for the enquiry.

    2010-07-03 05:06:15 Mike

    I CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO DOWNLOAD FILES OR PICTURES,VIDEO TO MY COMPUTER....CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE THANKS [ANKAKA REPLIED]: Hi, this spy watch has a USB port and the package contains a USB cable so that you can download files and pictures, videos to your computer. Just watch the complete video, it shows you how to download. Thank you for your enquiry.

    2010-06-13 20:58:57 EBEFRANK

    Hey i have a some questions about this watch: When the battery of the recorder is ended, does the watch still show me the time? Also since it is waterproof 30 meters, am i able to record under water?(without audio of course). [ANKAKA REPLIED]: Hi, the battery of recorder is seperate from the battery of watch so when the battery of the recorder is ended, the watch still runs. You can record when swimming, but this is not a diving watch so don't go too deep when record. Thanks.

    2010-06-13 20:58:12 OriginalRoflTV