Mini Handy Cooler Air Conditioner Battery Fan - Pink

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    Mini Handy Cooler Air Conditioner Battery Fan - Pink

    Instead of using a large expensive air conditioner you can use the Mini Handy Cooler Air Conditioner Battery Fan to keep you cool and fresh. As it says, this air conditioner is small, much smaller than a conventional air conditioner, but it will keep you just as comfortable in hot weather.  This air conditioner, with its innovative technology, can work as an air cooler, as an air circulator, as a humidifier and as an air purifier. The humidifying mode utilizes the water feature of the fan – you simply add water to the air filter and the air is passed through this filter, cooling down the air and water vapor to the air. This greatly assists the cooling action of the fan, making your environment much more pleasant.
    You can, of course, simply use this as a desk fan when you are indoors. The Mini Handy Cooler Air Conditioner Battery Fan has energy efficient technology and the humidifier function makes it very practical in rooms that feel hot and dry. The fan will run off your computer as it is equipped with a USB connection – you can use this to run the fan or you can insert 4 AA batteries.  This means you can take the Mini Handy Cooler Air Conditioner Battery Fan with you wherever you go.

    Hand-held air cooling fan
    Can be used as air circulator and humidifier
    Cool air up to 30F
    Charged by USB port or powered by batteries

    Manufacturer specifications:
    Color: Pink
    Plastic case material
    USB / 4 x AA batteries powered (batteries not included)
    Cool hand held design
    Can also be used as a desktop cooling fan
    Provides gentle cool breeze

    Package list:
    1 x Mini Handy Cooler Air Conditioner Battery Fan - Pink
    1 x USB charging cable
    1 x Plastic bottle
    1 x User Manual in English


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    Hi we are interested importing a range of portable hand held air conditioners. Please provide a price for 100 plus systems Regards Joe Todaro 0408330047 work no 613 93 777 777 [ANKAKA REPLIED]The price for 100 pcs is 5.29usd/pc.

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    cool gadget

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