Waterproof Bicycle Hot Wheels with 32 Kaleidoscope LED Lights

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    Waterproof Bicycle Hot Wheels with 32 Kaleidoscope LED Lights

    These hot wheels fit on bicycles with wheels above size 20. They only work at night or in dark places while the wheels are running. The Kaleidoscope LED light will change when the bicycle runs at different speeds. During night riding, the wheels will only flash when moving at the speed of 10 yards/hour. It will give you a lovely light show at 15 yards/hour. However, you will get a full demonstration of the lights' potential at 20 yards/hour speed.

    The hot wheel have a 100% waterproof design, allowing you to ride your bicycle through water or on rainy days. Its body is made of PC, making it strong enough to withstand great pressure. The wheels are easy to install, and there are no buttons or switches to fiddle with; the lights on the wheels will start up on their own after reaching enough speed.

    There are 32 kaleidoscope LED lights available to use with these hot wheels with dual lights on each side of the wheel. It is an entertaining and stylish way to ride your bicycle at night.

    1. Kaleidoscope LED light changes at different speeds.
    2. 100% waterproof design.
    3. Strong body material.
    4. 32 kaleidoscope LED lights.
    5. Dual lights on both sides of the wheels.
    6. Easy to install.

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Light Type: Kaleidoscope LED Light
    Power Supply: 3 AAA batteries per blade
    Working Time: about 48hours
    Material: PC

    Package List:
    1 X Waterproof Bicycle Hot Wheels with 32 Kaleidoscope LED Light Demonstrations
    3 X AAA battery
    2 X Clamp
    4 X Screw
    1 X English Instruction


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