ELM 327 Car Diagnostics USB to VAG-COM Fault Code Cable - Useful Car DIY Tools

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    ELM 327 Car Diagnostics USB to VAG-COM Fault Code Cable - ELM 327 Car Diagnostics USB To VAG-COM Fault Code Interface Cable
    ELM 327 car diagnostics USB VAG-COM fault code interface cable for OBDII protocols.START YOUR ENGINES!!! Turn you laptop into a powerful diagnostic station with the ultimate in DIY car maintenance products. Perform amazing real-time diagnostics of your own car, all you need is this ELM 327 USB to OBDII 16 pin interface cable, a laptop and your car. Feel the rush of instantly modifying settings and clearing errors in your vehicle from the comfort of your laptop computer. This USB enabled VAG-COM cable will save you a ton of money by enabling you to analyze your cars errors and view results within minutes. With just a laptop computer, this cable, and your favorite diagnostic software you can diagnose a multitude of car problems without the need of making a costly trip to the repair shop.Capable of performing the simplest task such as reading and displaying codes plus monitoring real time data, to the most complex tasks like exporting data to spreadsheet, recording graph data, and much more. This VAG-COM interface cable makes a very handy tool to have in your garage, whether you are just an average car owner who does some of their own car maintenance to the true professional mechanic.

    • ELM 327 Car Diagnostics USB To VAG-COM Fault Code Interface Cable
    • Check critical real time information on TDI engines
    • A must have tool for every do-it-yourself mechanic

    IMPORTANT NOTE: As the wholesaler, Ankaka provides the package containing the CVFG-A10 ELM 327 Car Diagnostics USB to VAG-COM Fault Code Cable. We provide no customer support regarding its use. Car diagnostic cables are sold with no warranty. If you have questions regarding the use of this product you need to search internet forums related to car maintenance. We give no advice on how to use the ELM 327 Car Diagnostics USB to VAG-COM Fault Code Cable, and we sell it without software.

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Primary Function: USB Vag interface cable for all car models
    • OBDII Plug: J1962 16-Pin Male (to Car)
    • Cable OS Compatibility: Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / NT / XP
    • Examples of VAG Compliant Vehicles (some models may not be supported):
      - Alfa Romeo / Audi / BMW / Chevrolet / Chrysler / Citroen / Daewoo / Daihatsu / Datsun / Dodge / Fiat / Ford / Honda / Hyundai / Isuzu / Jaguar / Jeep / Kia / Lamborghini / Lancia / Land Rover / Lexus / Lotus / Mazda / Mercedes-Benz / MG / Mini / Mitsubishi / Nissan / Peugeot / Proton / Renault / Rover / Saab / Seat / Skoda / Smart / Subaru / Suzuki / Toyota / TVR / Vauxhall / Opel / Volkswagen / Volvo
    • Some popular features of this cable kit:
      - Clear Codes: Arrange, add, delete codes to your specifications
      - Monitor real time data in Metric and U.S. Standard
      - Performance Timer: 0 to 100 km/h
      - Calculated Load Value
      - Coolant Temperature
      - Fuel System Status
      - Short Term Fuel Trim
      - Long Term Fuel Trim
      - Intake Manifold Pressure
      - Timing Advance
      - Intake Air Temperature
    • Dimension: L:137 (CM)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleE37E4E1788E1

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Export data for spreadsheet and printing
    • Record and graph data
    • NOTE: The CVFG-A10 works on vehicles that's are VAG compliant. The best way check if your car is compliant with this type of cable is to check the car user manual, contact your car dealer or talk to your favorite mechanic.

    Package List

    • Model CVFG-A10 ELM 327 car diagnostics USB To VAG-COM fault code cable
    • CD with English User Manual

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Can I use this cable with ___________ that my friend recommended?
      Maybe, but we have not tested it with any particular brand of software and can not guarantee performance or compatibility with any particular software package.
    • Can it reset service lights?
      Yes, it can reset all service interval reminders including fixed and variable service displays.
    • I'm not a professional mechanic, can I still use this cable?
      This cable is designed to be user friendly and easy to understand. Do-it-yourself and home fix-it-up type men (and women) should be able to learn how to use this product given you do your research on how to use the product before purchasing it.
    • What else can this cable do?
      For all the great uses of this cable, you can visit professional auto maintenance forums on the web, or even better, buy a sample and try it yourself!

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