Electronic Ultrasonic Mouse and Rat Repeller

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    Electronic Ultrasonic Mouse and Rat Repeller
    Do you hate mice and rats getting into your home? Are you tired of having to drive them out? This electronic pest repeller will do the work for you.

    This repeller emits ultrasounds at random intervals at multiple frequencies. These frequencies stimulate the auditory and nervous system of the rats, making them feel uneasy. The pests will be unable to adapt or form any kind of immunity to the sensation. It's area of effect covers more than 150 square meters of open ground and is the best choice for warehouses or factories that may contain furniture or food. Because the ultrasounds cannot pass through walls, the effect is limited to the area within the walls.

    This gadget is mainly used to repel rats and mice in places which are often harassed by pests, such as theaters, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, hotels, hospitals, and rooms within private homes. It can also be used to drive out some cockroaches with its 8W maximum power output. The repeller's indicator will turn on while the device is running so you will know if there is a problem. If you are troubled by pests, then this is the ideal tool to repel them without risking other damage and keeping your home or workplace intact.

    1.Repels mice/rats with ultrasounds.
    2.Area of effect over 150 square meters of open ground.
    3.Widely used in warehouses, factories, theaters, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, etc.
    4.8W maximum power output.
    5.Repels cockroaches.
    6.Indicator turns on when working.

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Main feature: repel mouse/rats
    Power: 8W
    Output Frequency: 20 KHz-55 KHz
    Effective cover range: more than 150 squaremeters (open field)
    Service Voltage: AC 180V-250V/50HZ, AC90-110V/60HZ
    Dimension: 20*14*4.5 cm

    Package List:
    1 X Electronic Ultrasonic Mouse and Rat Repeller
    1 X English Instruction


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    Really bad quality. More than 50% of them not working correctly. Either stops working or become so loud that its disturbing people (and it should be ultrasound?!?). Also i saw the mouse running toward the repeller instead away from it..?[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please kindly notice that this repeller is an ultrasonic one, and it can drive rats to some extent,as to the not functioning problem, please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2012-09-06 07:09:46 leon