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Electronic Text-Magnifying Newspaper Reader - Enlarges Printed Materials (3rd Generation)

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    Electronic Text-Magnifying Newspaper Reader - Enlarges Printed Materials (3nd Generation)

    2nd Generation: http://www.ankaka.com/electronic-textmagnifying-newspaper-reader-enlarges-printed-materials-2nd-generation_p48039.html

    (The 2nd and 3rd Generation only differ in appearance. All the functions are the same.)


    This is a perfect gift for anyone with failing eyesight, especially if they don't like computers! Simply plug the reader into your TV and move it like a mouse over the text you want to magnify - and it will be blown up on the screen!

    There are also multiple image settings for increased readability available at the click of a button. The reader can switch between a normal color image, a normal black-and-white image, a high-contrast black and white image, and a high-contrast image with inverted colors.

    The Newspaper Reader connects to your television, or any monitors with RCA input, so even the less than tech-savvy can benefit from its assistance.


    Helps those with poor eyesight to read newspapers and books
    4 different display modes
    High contrast negative image (pure white text on black background)
    High contrast positive image (pure black text on white background)
    High contrast image, less glare
    Zooming function
    24x Magnification on a 20 TV (High)
    13x Magnification on a 20 TV (Low)
    SCART connection with Auto-Detect (Europe)
    Compatible with any TV using video input
    RCA connection (USA & rest of world)
    Ergonomic and easy to use

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Image system: PAL / NTSC
    Video connector: RCA
    Power input: 5V 1 A
    Color: White and Black
    Dimensions: 132 x 70 x 62mm
    Approved: CE / FCC

    Notes from Manufacturers:
    Never use the unit under high temperature and high humidity - the optimum operating temperature for this unit is between -10 and 40 degree Celsius (between 14 and 104 degree Fahrenheit)
    Avoid placing the product in direct sunlight, especially in a vehicle.
    Do not use thinners or other chemical detergents to clean this product.
    Only use the designated AC adaptor and power source; using a different power source risks serious damage to the unit.
    When the unit is not being used, please turn it off.
    Do not disassemble the unit. If you have any problems with it, please contact Ankaka.

    Notes from Ankaka:
    The Newspaper Reader connects to any monitors with RCA input. However, if your computer monitor does not have a RCA input, you will need a TV instead.

    Package List:
    1x Newspaper Reader
    1x User Manual
    1x Charger

    Electronic Text-Magnifying Newspaper Reader - Enlarges Printed Materials (3rd Generation)

    Easy to switch multiple image settings with the button on the newspaper reader.

    Electronic Text-Magnifying Newspaper Reader - Enlarges Printed Materials (3rd Generation)

    It can magnify up to 24 times with this magnifying lens.

    Electronic Text-Magnifying Newspaper Reader - Enlarges Printed Materials (3rd Generation)

    Compatible with TV or other monitors with RCA input.


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