Electronic Breast Massage Device for Breast Augmentation & Lift

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    Electronic Breast Massage Device for Breast Augmentation & Lift

    Even though breast augmentation is already the most popular cosmetic procedure women request, more and more women still want this procedure. But before you step into a plastic surgeon's office, you should use our electronic breast massage device.  

    The device uses ultrasonic pulses, creating ultra-high frequency vacuum oscillations that increase the breast's absorption and metabolism of nutrients in your body. Therefore, your breasts will be lifted and appear more full—say goodbye to sagging, flat breasts. In addition, this massage device is equipped with international CPU microcomputer technology that creates ultra-high frequency vibration and strong magnetic sound swing airflow. Furthermore, remote infrared heat technology is also used to improve the vitality of the breast tissue, improve circulation in your chest, detoxify your body, clear the meridians, and help prevent breast tenderness due to your menstrual cycle as well as cancer.

    It is easy to begin using our breast massage device. All you need to do is smear on some of the massage essence(not included) on your breast, put on the massage sleeve onto the device, and turn on the device with the R/C. This breast massage device will help improve circulation in your breasts, promote lymphatic drainage, and augment your breasts by accumulating breast fat.

    No matter what condition your breasts are in, every woman should try our electronic breast massage device because it helps enhance your breasts with safe, reliable technology.

    1. Breast enhancement, augmentation, and lift
    2. Promotes breast tissue vitality, detoxification of your body, improved chest circulation, and more.
    3. Upgraded ultrasonic pulse design
    4. CPU microcomputer technology
    5. Remote control

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Dimensions: 4.57 in x 4.33 in x 0.08 in
    Power supply: 2*AAA batteries.

    Package List:
    2 X Massager Sleeve
    1 X Remote Control
    1 X USB Cable
    2 X AAA Batteries
    1 X English Instruction


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    can the breast massager be bought locally?[ANKAKA REPLIED]We ship worldwide and you can directly order online.

    2013-08-29 14:13:16 maria rowzer

    hello. i got it, without essence and manual. email me at least manual! [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email sale@ankaka.com for the essence and manual and include your order number.

    2011-10-01 19:09:11 diviatrix