19 inch Pressure-sensitive Tablet LCD Monitor for Drawing, Painting, and Demonstration

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    19 inch Pressure-sensitive Tablet LCD Monitor for Drawing, Painting, and Demonstration


    This pressure-sensitive monitor is intended for art-related professionals and students, advertising agencies and design studios, and Flash vector animation producers. This is an elegant 19 inch screen that uses 16ms TFT panel technology with a newly designed screen. As a result, this screen has good brightness, high contrast, strong sense of hierarchy, and low radiation.

    Both dynamic and static images display well due to the high-resolution (1440 x 900 pixels) and the bright LCD screen. You will be able to pick your favorite working angle and rotate the display 180 degrees in each direction with the built-in magnetic pressure-sensitive technology. Moreover, your drawings can have varying detail and texture since the grip pen can tilt and rotate. In addition, the pressure sensitivity is adjustable with 1024 sensitivity levels, enabling users to draw strokes that are of the desired thickness.

    The built-in touch strip on the screen allows you to use your fingers to zoom, scroll, or move objects. The express keys allow for quick access to your favorite shortcuts or macros. Not only is this monitor useful for those in art-related professions, but it can also function as a multi-media teaching assistant for demonstrations. The display will seamlessly show off your demonstrations.

    The dock and frame that support the monitor are well-designed to ensure your monitor is securely on tabletops. Leather rubber surrounds the monitor to make sure it does not slip when it is in the dock.

    1. Pressure-sensitive technology
    2. 1024 pressure sensitivity levels
    3. High resolution (1440 x 900 pixels) 16ms TFT panel
    4. Display and grip pen tilt and rotate freely
    5. Excellent for teaching demonstration and art-related work
    6. Leather rubber protection for the screen

    Manufacturer Specifications:

    LCD Monitor Specifications:
    Dimensions: 446mm x 295mm x 60m
    Display Area: 402mm x 255mm
    Screen resolution: 1440 x 900
    Response time: 5 ms
    Pixel size: 0.294mm (per triad - H) x 0.294mm (V)
    Signal Interface: Dual channel LVDS
    Number of colors: 16.7M (RGB 6-bit data + HiFRC data)
    Contrast: 800:1
    Backlighting: 4 replaceable CCFL edge-light (top/bottom)
    Brightness: 300(cd/m2)@7.5mA
    Angle: -80°~80°(H),-80°~80°(V)(Typical)

    Environmental Specifications:

    Operating Temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ (32 ℉ ~ 113 ℉); Storage temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ (-4 ℉ ~ 140 ℉)
    Power consumption: Working state: 24.71W; Standby mode: 1W
    Power Input: AC100-240V Universal
    External cords: DC power in; VGA 15-pin D-sub input; VGA 15-pin D-sub output; DVI input; USB connector

    Pressure sensitive digital graphics specifications:

    Handwriting: electromagnetic pressure sensitive
    Effective area: 402mm x 255mm
    Pen pressure sensitivity levels: 1024 levels
    Resolution: 5080 LPI
    Accuracy: 0.25mm
    Sensor height: 15mm (maximum)
    Power voltage: +5 V (Voltage)
    Power consumption: 0.05A (0.25 Watts) maximum
    Signal Interface: USB 1.1 Port
    Signal read rate: 220 reports/second
    Key numbers:
    1. The left mouse button
    2. The right mouse button
    3. Middle Mouse button

    Package List:
    1 X 19 inch Pressure-sensitive Tablet LCD Monitor for Drawing, Painting, and Demonstration
    1 X Grip pen
    1 X English Manual


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