Double Laser DMX Projector (Sound Activated, Cloud Background) - 100mW Red and 50mW Green laser

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    Double Laser DMX Projector (Sound Activated, Cloud Background) - 100mW Red and 50mW Green laser
    Unleash raw undulating power from this wicked Sound Activated Double Laser DMX Projector. This projector is perfect for parties, raves, bars, nightclubs, or even in your living room for some great "chill out session" while listening to your favorite tunes. Coming with 10 function switches and three display mode options like sound activation, auto-mode and DMX 512, this is one of the top factory-direct Color Laser Projector you can find in the market today!

    The G198Double Laser DMX Projectoris built with an outer aluminum casing, packed with the latest entertainment industry IC electronics, and also includes an N1.8 high precision stepper motor that enables this 3-in-1 laser projector system to emit stunning effects with 2 color lasers. With a very handy mounting bracket for easily adjustable aiming and the ability to mount the unit on walls, ceilings, and other flat surfaces, you are going to be able to do things with this Color Laser Projector that only the professionals were able to do before.

    ThisDouble Laser DMX Projectorshoots various patterns of red and green laser beams onto walls, ceilings, floors or any surface you like. To add to its coolness factor and also unique to this projector, it generates a colored misty cloud background for the laser projection, so even there are only two laser colors, the projection look amazingly rich and full of colors.

    The projector can either be left on automatic, meaning it will constantly display random patterns, or you can set it on sound activation mode, and put the project next to your base unit of your sound system. Watch the project respond to your music in style, your friends and guests will be amazed at how the projector can synchronize the lighting effect with your dancing music. If you have a professional Digital Multiplexing control system (DMX), you can integrate the laser projection into your lighting system, a must have feature for any serious DJ.

    The CVLC-G198 is in stock now and available at an incredible factory direct wholesale price from Ankaka. Don't delay, click on the "Add to Cart" right now and let this professional high-tech laser project set the mood for your party in 2010.

    • 100mW Red and 50mW Green laser
    • Cool misty cloud background providing great professional effects
    • The two lasers mix with the mist to provide a rich color array of colors
    • DMX 512 IN & OUT ports
    • Automatic or sound activated
    • Mounting bracket with adjustable angle
    • Lots of pre-programmed design patterns

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Primary Function: RED & Green Laser Effects Projector
    • Laser Wavelength
      - RED = 650nm
      - Green = 532nm
    • Control Type: Automatic / Pattern Display Response to Music / DMX
    • Output Power: 100mW & 50mW
    • Laser Color: Green & Red
    • Laser Diode: DPSS
    • Laser Class: 3B
    • Material Colors: Black Aluminum
    • Power Source: Wall Adapter
    • Scanner: N1.8high precision stepper motor
    • Power Supply: 100-250V
    • Play Mode: Sound active, Auto, DMX512
    • Scanner: N1.8 high precision stepper motor
    • Onboard Input and Controls
      - Volume Control - For Sound Sensitivity
      - LED Power Indicator
      - MIC
      - DMX IN
      - DMX Out
      - 10 Function Switches
    • Certification: CE, RoHS
    • Dimensions: L:215 x W:194 x H:80 (mm)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleSF5CLI5LKH3G

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Avoid direct eye contact with the laser
    • The CVLC-G198 is not a children's toy and should only be used by adults
    • You should only use the laser projector indoors and it should be kept away from all liquids
    • When using the CVLC-G198 projector, it is recommended to place the projector next to the base unit of your sound system. The MIC on the projector will then pick up the vibrations in the sound wave and start to dazzle everyone with its exciting laser light projections and pattern designs.
    • It is advisable not to use the laser projector for more than 4 hours straight so as to prolong the life of the lasers

    Package List for CVLC-G198

    • Two Laser DMX Projector
    • Power Lead (100-240V)
    • Mounting Bracket
    • English Manual

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Will This product work in North America?
      Yes, this product will work in North America and anywhere else in the world you choose to use it.
    • What is the maximum coverage area for the laser projector?
      Depending on the distant of the effects projection, it can spread the image to up to 50sq/m area.

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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 02 March, 2010.


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    It is can be left on automatic,it will constantly display random patterns, can set it on sound activation mode,and it can base until of sound system.It has various patterns of red and green laser beams onto walls,cellings,floors or any surface i like.It is professional high-tech laser project set for us party.

    2013-08-06 15:09:54 amara

    I'm interested in this project. Do you have a retail distributor in Bangkok? If yes then could you send me the contact information (telephone number, address, website)? [ANKAKA REPLIED]We are located in China and don't have representatives/distributors in Bangkok. Pls email if you have any other questions.

    2011-09-26 03:59:22 Zephaniah

    Does it have a 120volt a/c adaptor? How much does it weigh. Are there shipping costs? I live in Florida USA. If I order two is there a discount? [ANKAKA REPLIED]The Power Supply is 100-250V, and when you buy an item from Ankaka that has an electric plug, we include a free complementary adaptor to fit your region. The package weight is 4.5kg. How To Calculate Shipping Costs Of This Product 1.Go to: 2.Click "Add to Cart" You will then be taken to the Shopping Cart page. 3.Scroll down to Estimate Shipping Costs. 4.Select your country in the drop-down menu. 5.Your estimated shipping cost will be displayed. There is some discount for 3 pieces. Tks!

    2011-03-11 09:32:30 Elena